September 9, 2006

Mommies Who Lunch & The Bad Waiter

Why is it, that when you get my favorite group of gals together at a place where the food is great - and we're all in the mood for good conversation - that you have to insert the bad waiter.

I was very happy to see the girls from my Mommies Who Lunch (even though we were missing four - boo hoo) But no sooner had we sat down when Dr. Evil's stupid and neglectful twin approached to take our drink order.

Needless to say, I think we were so distracted by how bad he was - that the food wasn't as good, the conversation was sporadic (because we were too busy deciding how he should be punished!) and I was totally peeved off. Sorry girls if I seemed a little moody - but that guy really ticked me off! And Shelli, thank you for stepping in and defending me over the coke - I'm so glad you did, because I didn't want it. Was he serious?!?!?!

Even though we did not speak to a manager at the time - and boy was I tempted - we did decide to show our "appreciation" for him in another way (wink, girls*) But upon later examination, and after speaking with AB, I decided to write a letter to the management. Not just because of Dr. Evil's twin idiot, but because the last time we had dinner there, we also had a really bad service and I didn't speak to a manager then the letter went off via e-mail last night.

Now that I got that off my chest - here we are - aren't we cute? And for the record, we petitioned a nice waiter to take this shot. Lord knows, our server was never around enough to even ask! (and by the way- I stole this picture from Robyn...that's right...I'm a picture thief!)

Thank God we have plans to meet again soon! The Mommies Who Lunch, that is...I'll see you wonderful women next weekend!

Robyn, thank you for the comedy hour live interpretation of your "Patient Scrap"! It was hilarious!



Erin said...

OK, Dr. Evil's twin describes that moron perfectly! And if you get a gift certificate from management, you better buy us all drinks! :-) Can't wait to see you Saturday. At least the service will be great there! Love ya!

Robyn said...

Wow, that picture looks familiar!! Anyway, it was wonderful to be in good company even if the service was bad. Can't wait til Saturday!!

P.S. I second what Erin said about the gift certificate!!

Valerie said...

He was horrible. What a moron. But it was still a fun lunch!