September 4, 2006

Notice the New Look

Hi all! Just wanted to post and say "I've got a new look". NO - not a new look for myself, although the picture above is mighty fine - I think I was ten and I thought I was "ALL THAT". But as you can see around you - I've been into the color pots...

No, unlike the other gals I blog with, who have super snazzy new looks (Robyn and Jamie and Donna) - I decided to just change my template through Blogger. Now, this is primarily because I knew that if I did what they did, I would lose my previous posts. Or so I think? And I don't want I just decided to pick another template. Well, it appeared I would lose everything that way too...stupid blogger...hmph!


I thought I would get smart and try to decode the HTML and learn how to change it myself. Now what you are seeing is hours of work, i.e. me trying to figure it out. However, it's not completely done - I'm still trying to work a few kinks out, but I've almost got it. Anyone viewing this site through FireFox (which by the way was a God-send when blogger would no longer let me post pics - it's free, easy, and I never had another problem uploading!) will be able to see the best version, but if you're just viewing through plain ol' Explorer, it may appear a little rough...

Anyway, it totally suits my color palate, because it's been raining all day here (FINALLY!!) and I'm in the mood for Fall. I thought these colors and changes to the font would make me happy - and they do - so here we are!

Hope you like it, I know I do!

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Donna & Joe said...

Hi Christie,

LOVE the new colors, especially your new header color. If you run into any snags with your re-design, let me know...I'm pretty familiar with the template you're using.

Donna :)