June 22, 2006

Scrappin Fool

Everyone keeps asking me what I've been doing to occupy my time since Anton's been gone - and the truth is that I've turned our living room into a workshop for my crafty ways. I've been trying to get into scrapbook mode and lately I've had the bug to create Keira's albums in advance. Also I'm in a scrap-swap with some fabulous people who are also adopting over at The Ladybug Hunters Scrapbooking Club. I had to send off my very first layout this week to Donna (yikes! hope she liked it?) Anywhoo, I've had this idea that I can make several albums in advance for Little Miss Keira and that way I will only have to add the pictures when the time comes. Wha-laa! Instant scrapbooks/ brag books - all different sizes! I figure I won't be able to find the time to do this right after coming home from China, and this way all the hard part is done in advance and all it takes is a great picture of her to make each page perfect.

Now, a lot of my buddies, even those who scrapbook, cannot understand how I can make a page without knowing in advance the pictures that will go on it. It's simple as pie. I just make cute little pages about bedtime, storytime, princess, bathtime, birthday, cutie-patootie stuff...I know that she will fit right into all those themes, so I'm not worried about whether or not I'll have the pictures to fit the layout - the question is when will I have the child to fit the pictures that go in the layout? Anyone? Didn't think so...ah well...what else do you expect me to do with all this time on my hands.

By the way - don't forget to check out the new link to Keira's Nursery pictures. They aren't all there, but you can at least get the idea... hope you like it!

Until tomorrow (Oh man...I'm so addicted)


Robyn said...

Love the nursery!! Too cute. Welcome to blogspot world. I have keeping up with you on Keirajoy.com but now I will have to check here too!!

Erin said...

The nursery is GORGEOUS! I love, love, love the stripes on the walls. We are hoping to do a horizontal stripe on Mollianne's wall. Can I borrow Anton? :-)