June 21, 2006


Ok, I'm giving this another go...

I've exhausted myself trying to build a blog...(whew! building a website was so much easier -
www.keirajoy.com) and I had to finally just delete the last one I was making and start all over from scratch. I need help, though. Any of you out there who really know how to work this thing - pass the tips along. I am so confused by all this HTML and writing in web lingo. So confusing!

Well, the point of this site, because I do have another website that I update regularly, is so that I can have a place to vent. I frequently find myself wanting to rant and rave about one thing or another and I really don't have a good outlet for that, because
keirajoy.com is not the place for that in my mind. (hypocrite that I am...) I just need to be able to talk about stupid stuff and have a couple (or more) temper tantrums, or post silly pics, and so HERE I AM trying make this blogger work for me. I swear...if I experience any of the complications that I did before I might have to permanently throw my computer through the window. - See? This is why I need a place to vent...I'm saying!

- Christie

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