June 28, 2006

Land of the Rich, Famous, and my Mom...

Well, we're off to visit family and friends in sunny California. Our plane leaves Wednesday afternoon and we're looking forward to some fun in the sun and relaxation. Well, at least, relaxation. I hate the heat and it's been in the 100's there lately. (blech) At least Mom has a really nice pool we can lounge by. Both of my parents, maternal grandparents, younger sister, little brother, and several extended family members all live there and so we get to visit with quite a few of them. I'll be sure to post from there and let you all know how we're fairing - pics included if I can get it to work. I fully expect to do some Keira shopping...because that and scrapbooking are what my mother and I do best! And don't I miss the heck out of her during this adoption process. Thank God for e-mail and the phone. Love you Ma! Well, anyhoo - petsitter is set. Tickets and clothes are packed. House is clean. Ride to and from the airport is reserved. Rental car upon arrival is arranged (thank you Dad)...and we're off. Whew - Vacation is hard work!

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