June 24, 2006

The Queen and Her Loyal Subjects

This is the look that got cats their bad reputation. That "come...worship and bow down before me" look. And who could really blame people for being a little weirded out when a cat gives you this stare. It commands respect and demands attention.

I, for one, find myself looking away...doing anything to avoid the "stare", lest I turn to stone or the flesh peels off my bones. Seriously, you try walking in a room with a cat that eyeballs you like this? See how you feel!

Well, the truth is - this chubby beauty is my one and only remaining feline companion, aptly named "Her Royal Highness, The Queen - Chloe". Chloe for short. Ok..."Chlo"...sometimes "mama cat" and even "Shlow" as Anton likes to refer to her. She's short...low to the ground and slow...it's a three in one name. I say 'only remaining' feline because my other darling kitty, Meggie, has run off and left us to wonder what has become of her. She's been gone over two weeks and we've seen neither hide nor hair of her. I pray she's ok. She's old and I picture her lost and possibly wounded, crying for me. Anton pictures her off with the alley cat to sow her wild oats before she's too old. Hmph! Men...husbands and alley cats.

Regardless, this striking, dare I say, gorgeous putty tat above is the love of my feline life. She was my first cat ever, and I've had her since I was 19. I'm not going into details people...I'm in my thirties...you do the vicinity math. Anyway, she is just the cat's meow...and I'm not just saying that. That fur is the softest thing you've ever touched...and she loves to chat with me at the end of my day, following me from room to room to tell all about the two dogs she's forced to endure and the antics they put her through while we're gone. To top it all off, she purrs like a maniac, and loves to sleep at the head of our bead and clean our heads while we sleep. She's a good mama-cat - keeping her peeps clean.

Well, I just love the heck out of her and had to share her lovely pic. She usually doesn't have that puss on...so I'm including a sweet one too.

T.T.F.N. (as Chloe would say...)

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