June 22, 2006

Miss you like Crazy...

This is my favorite picture of Anton and I. It's from 2000 - six years ago. His hair is really long on top and messed up...love that. Sigh....

People...it's been five days. Five days of what, you ask? Five days since I've seen my darling and four to go. Who made up that stupid "absence makes the heart grow fonder" bull crap. Absence makes the heart lonely, that's what it does. Anton and I have spent many nights apart due to traveling, work, etc. but for some reason I'm just so bummed this time around that he's not there at the end of the day. I'm so used to having him in my everyday life and I guess I just thought when he left that it would be "all good" and I'd just get some much needed alone time and catch up on the scrapbooking/reading/snore free sleep/and juicy TV shows that have been on my PVR for a month. But nope. No can do. Get up...go to work...go home...feel lonely...don't eat dinner because it's too much trouble and my honey isn't here to make his wonderful dishes (he's the family cook)...then it's off to the big bed with the two dogs.

For the record, he's away on business in Arizona where the temperature is 107 on average a day. He's exhausted when we talk (from the heat alone) and he is ready to come home. He just has a job to do and he has to finish it - which won't be until Sunday afternoon.

I know we all say we could do better at being a better wife, partner, friend, sister, daughter, etc. But these are the times that we remember why. Because without those we love, there would be little to celebrate and not much to enjoy. No one to call, or come home to, shop with, or co-miserate with. No one to argue opinions with, and no one to lay your legs across on the couch. No one to chat with until the wee hours and no one to hold when it's dark and lonely.

And in my case apparently...nothing to eat.

Miss you baby...come home


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Erin said...

I love that picture of you two. You are an amazing and loving couple. He will be home soon. Hang in there - and try to eat something!