December 27, 2011

Four days and counting...

Sorry for the delay of sorts in posting, but we've been living up the good life at La Cabin!  Oh how I love the relaxing pace, the family, the kids all playing and laughing, the napping, the food...I just enjoy myself so very much.

Meanwhile, I had to get on here and at least give you the reminder that in FOUR DAYS the next Challenge begins and it's a DOOOOOOOSEY:

If you want to get a re-cap with the basics of this challenge go read THIS

Otherwise, it's pretty much the following:  eat healthy.  cut out the crap.  exercise.  lose weight in the process.

Are you in?

You're tempted, aren't you?  I can tell.

The thing is - it's only 31 days.  If you don't like your results and want to go back to eating half gallons of ice-cream in a sitting as of February 1st - you're the boss!

Meanwhile, you have four days to decide.  

In THREE DAYS, I'll post the Mister Linky and everyone who is "IN" and wants to blog through their Challenge can leave a link so we can follow along.

I'll be blogging about our own family's 31 days with daily menus, pictures, and tales of woe from the front lines of healthy eating.  

Can I tell you a secret?



I said it.

Now let's DO THIS!



shelley said...

I am in! Got Just Dance 3 for Christmas and love the workout it gives u along with great fun. Our computer is in the shop for an over haul. I will post as soon as it is done. Thanks for the kick in the sweatpants.

Anna said...

Is it February, yet?!? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm personally a little nervous about this challenge, but we can all totally do it!

Just Breathe. said...

I will be following your progress Christie! I'd already made a commitment along these lines. As soon as I am well enough. I will be hitting the pool (trying for everyday after work) and following the menus from, my Curves Weight Management book. It's much easier for me to look at such a lofty goal when I break it down ("It's only 31 days... Yeah, I can do this!"). We have some friends who will be joining us at the pool, it's always easier and more fun when you have others working with you who are reaching for the same goal. That's why your blogs on these challenges are so great :) Looking forward to what January will bring...

Teresa said...

Im in

Nancy said...

Don't hate me--I've been living healthy for the past year and have loved the reults, so I guess I'm not technically participating in the Jan challenge but I will sure root people on!

Amy said...

Yes, I'm in and plan to blog about it!

Kath said...

I've joined the challenge and like many have made a similar commitment to self this new year. I'm like you in many ways especially the avoidance of exercise and rationalize all the reasons why I can't continue. Can you please help me with the Linky thing. I have a active url/but I'm an inactive user but would like to get started this new year and this challenge offers an opportunity to give it another try. So since I have no idea how to link your challenge to my blog, I'd appreicate your insights.

Christie said...

Kath - can you e-mail me?