December 7, 2011

31 Days of Goodwill–Step Two


The Four Steps of “31 Days of Goodwill” are these:

             To reach out to ~
  1. Your Neighbors
  2. Your Church Family (or local charity)
  3. Your Community/ Your State/Your Nation
  4. Your World
Step Two feels safer for me, somehow – because I do love my church family and I love my church.  So serving there feels like an easy thing to do.  But since the point of this challenge is to stretch us, I think it’s important to go out of the norm.

Do something different.  Make a difference in a new way.

And let’s face it – not everyone reading this blog attends a church and so for you, dear reader, it might be that a local charity is more your style.  Here are some ideas for both! 

Charity – Read this great article that give AWESOME tips about donating locally to charity in non-monetary ways
  • Serve at a Soup Kitchen, Shelter, or Food Bank
  • Organize a collection of coats and blankets and distribute them locally
  • Donate inexpensive clothes and toys to “Angel Tree” type causes, which help local poverty stricken families
  • Host a Rummage Sale and donate the funds to a local cause of your choice
  • Collect used books and donate to your local library, school, or shelter
  • Volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center
  • Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer – I can’t emphasize that one enough, because the gift of your time is invaluable in churches (where so many needs come in daily!).  Be willing to be put to work and do what is needed.  Even if that means cleaning bathrooms.
  • Bake holiday goodies for your church staff or prepare and deliver a yummy meal for lunch to show your appreciation.  Be sure to call ahead and plan that out with your church offices.  They work so hard – show them your appreciation!
  • Host a Holiday Party or "Game Night” for the Youth-group
  • Offer to write encouraging notes to those who are sick/hurting/in need/working as missionaries/or disabled
  • Offer to cook meals for those who have recently had a death in the family, given birth, or experienced illness
  • Offer to provide transportation for those in need or for events the church is hosting
  • Organize a visit with the elderly who are in convalescence – plan to chat, paint nails, play cards, or even sing or play music.  Whatever your talents are!
  • Volunteer for childcare/Sunday School during choir practice, Bible Studies, Church Services, etc. 
  • Offer to make copies, clean, prepare meals to be frozen and available in the church kitchen, make phone calls, deliver items, etc.
I'll be posting soon what we decided to do!!

What are you going to do?

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