June 26, 2010

Blog Makeover Give-Away

ah yes, another blog design over here at Bushel & a Peck.  And Me Likey.

and I know what you're thinking

you're thinking "didn't you just update your blog design like two minutes ago?"

and the answer is "why, yes...yes, I did"

on the other hand, what you couldn't possibly know is that I'm thinking about a little side business in blog makeovers

I'm thinking about it

and with that possible little side business, how about a give-away?

maybe a little blog-makeover give-away

and maybe you're in bad need of one of these thingies?  Maybe you're not at all.  Bless you and your beautiful blog...

but if you are, in need that is, then it's your lucky-ish day...depending on if you like my style or not

and before you say "no, actually I don't like your style" - just keep in mind that I did work quite hard on this look and even though the header is a bit of a pre-assembled blogwear piece that I purchased - the rest of what you see here is all me.


Here's the thingy

If you want...wait scratch that...if you need a blog makeover...leave a comment telling me why.

Quint will pick a random name from the comments out of a hat on Tuesday.  Catch that?

You have until midnight Monday to leave a comment with a name and a reason why you need a makeover.  

Now, let's go over the rules of the give-away, shall we?

  1. You must have a blogger format.  Not Word-press, or any other blogging tool.
  2. You must be willing to give me access to your account - otherwise I can't help ya!
  3. I will create a blog design especially for you, and I will keep your preferences to color in mind as I create it.
  4. You must be willing to include a small widget that says who created your new look (that's me), including a designer credit for your elements.
  5. You must provide me with personal pictures (if you so choose)
  6. Blog design could take a couple weeks. Just be ok with that.
  7. You must be willing to brag to all about how much you love it.  Ok, not really.  Unless you want to.  I mean, ahem...that's great.  That is to say, yes, please do...if you want.  I mean, no pressure.  None at all.  Nope.  Not a bit.

If you're ok with the above - leave a comment starting NOW.

Oooh fun!  A give-away!  Tell your friends! (unless you want to win - ha!)


John & Michelle said...

Can you do a one column/photo blog with a 3 column footer? I love your new look and would pay you to do mine! Look forward to hearing from you! Michelle

Christie said...

Yes, Michelle - and to answer that great question - the winner can choose the number of columns from one to three left to right and across the bottom.

The Wells Family said...

Christie, I love the new blog. AND I reaaaalllly need a facelift on mine. We have two boys and waiting on TA for baby girl in China. I'm too busy to mess with mine...plus I just started a new venture, too. "Maire Z Doats Creations." Making bags to sell to offset adoption expenses! help!



Holly said...

I love your new look! And I think a little side business might be good for the soul :)
Let's see, why do I need a blog makeover? Well come on, I don't. Need that is. I need water and food and shelter and Jesus. But I'd like a new one...and I'd love it to be something that people would feel drawn to...because Purpose Driven Family is where I share my heart for the plight of orphans..and try to open hearts and eyes and wallets for the sake of the orphans. And while I have at least temporarily taken a private blog for some sharing of certain things (which by the way you can totally email me if you'd like to read), I plan to keep the Purpose Driven Blog for educating people about HIV and the very real need for families to step outside their comfort zones, reconsider their life plans and have a long talk with the Lord about what it is that HE wants from them! I preach to myself basically :)

Jessica said...

OMG! Me, me, me! (jumping up and down) I was doing good to get kindof a cute look when I started my blog but I LOVE your new look and actually loved the old look too ;) and I would love a blog makeover because I don't even know HOW to make a 3 column blog and don't really have time to learn how between paperchasing and homeschool starting back up next week.

Jodi said...

I would love a new blog makeover! Help!!!!

Emy said...

Me likey too!!! Super cute! Great Job!

K~ said...

Choose me! Choose me! You can have total control! I do not know one thing about this blog thing and I do have one of the spicy Hunan sistas! Ha! Alittle bribery will get you somewhere, right? OK... but I am willing though I know I do not blog as often as you may want someone too! Or... I could always be your first paying customer!

Single PAP said...

Honestly, your blog (well, all of them, though they do keep getting better and better) is one of my favorites because i love the font to begin with. it's not a choice in the basic blogger format (is it century gothic?). i also love the pics in the frames and the cute headers. i would LOVE a blog makevoer!! mine is awful and it needs a new title and i want pics of my little miss in it, too. oh, PLEASE pick my quint!!! :-D

Unknown said...

I've been blogging fo 5 years and would like to reflect a personal and unique style to my blog.

Becky and Naing said...

oooohhh pick me, pick me. I'm not artsy enough to do it myself. but i love your new look.

Unknown said...

Christie, I have started 2 blogs but didn't keep them up because I didn't like the offered templates and am too otherwise occupied to use my time learning to apply my own designs. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it is what it is. I am so proud of you and love your creativity. So, here I am...entering your giveaway. Love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

i really need a blog make over since i have no layout i do not understand it at all. i stopped blogging because it looks so pitiful :)


Jackie said...

I would soooo love a blog makeover! I actually have two blogs.. a family one and an Ethiopian adoption one ( We are 3 months DTE!!!) I would love to combine them and make them look super cute..soooooo PICK ME!!! :)

trjarnagin said...

Well, after reading everyones comments I can't really come up with a better excuse than they have. I am new to all this and although I don't have small children now or I'm not adopting I still use my blog to keep all my families memories. I don't scrapbook anymore - my blog is it. After a year I have it printed into a book and that is my scrapbook. When my friend got me in to this she send me straight to your blog- it was when you were getting Quint. She too adopted a little boy. And you will see him grow on my blog. OK enough -- hoping Quint will pull my name.
Thanks -- You do wonderful work!

Julie said...

I LOVE your blog! It's so cute! :)

Why do I need a blog makeover? Come on now. Did you see my blog? I like the map theme on the top but feathers? Oi. I don't know what I'm doing! :)

Suz said...

LOVE the blog!! Since we are no longer "waiting for caroline" and in fact are going to start #2 within the next month, a new blog makeover would be fabulous!!! Pick me!! Pick me!!!!!

Heather said...

Would love to have a new look for our family blog. It's been two years since I started it & have never changed it. It's definitely time!

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

ohhh I desperately need a blog makeover...i have a blog but nothing on it. We are just starting our adoption journey, just got our application into the homestudy agency and I want to get my blog up and going to blog about our journey to our son.

Thanks for doing this.

Mom 2 Four said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and I love your honesty, it is quite refreshing.

My blog is still the blogger format and everytime I try to spruce it up I end up messing it up, so a new and improved look would be great to showcase my aweseome family. Christe (and yes, I am a Christe also)

MommaT said...

Let me begin by saying I am helpless at this. We adopted a son from china and a son from Ethiopia and my blogs were so sad looking. I just tried to start one for a pending PA for an older boy from China. I would love to do him justice for memories by having an awesome blog...can you help me? I would be so grateful. I have so enjoyed your blog and of course would brag all over the place for your work. Thanks for the considersation. If you don't choose me thats cool, I still love reading your blog:)

MommaT said...

Let me begin by saying I am helpless at this. We adopted a son from china and a son from Ethiopia and my blogs were so sad looking. I just tried to start one for a pending PA for an older boy from China. I would love to do him justice for memories by having an awesome blog...can you help me? I would be so grateful. I have so enjoyed your blog and of course would brag all over the place for your work. Thanks for the considersation. If you don't choose me thats cool, I still love reading your blog:)

Brandi said...

I would LOVE (love, love, love) a blog makeover. As for the reason why....have you seen my blog? It's a little drab...(and a little behind in posting, but let's not talk about that, k?) Maybe if it looked purdier...????

Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Christie! It sounds like the perfect new endeavor for you!

Too bad I am blogging on Wordpress, I'd love to see what fun, retro twist you could throw on my blog.

Best of luck!

Michelle said...

LOVE IT!! My blog needs a makeover sooooo bad.


Jenn said...

OK, First-I LOVE the summer look of your blog! And, 2nd...I've been having MAJOR guilt about the fact that our daughter has been home from China for almost a year and she is sorely underrepresented in our current blog-scheme. Current post-adoption/move your family across the country budget is not going to allow me to hire anybody to redo mine anytime soon. I'd do it myself but can't seem even remember how to change my my profile pic to include her. IF, I were to win a makeover, I've got some big blog-lungs prepared to shout my apprecition from the rooftops to whomever would listen for a very long period of time! www.boutonbrood.blogspot.com

Christina said...

I love your style and your blog! I am in need of a blog make-over, I don't think mine has really changed much since it was created over a year ago! You are very talented and do a FANTABULOUS job! What a great offer too - I am so excited!

Melinda said...

I would love a blog makeover! I have been in a "blogging slump" and I would love a new look! Maybe it would even inspire me to blog more~lol! Oh and you could have complete control!

Btw I love the look of your blog! You are so talented!


The Red Thread Connection said...

I am very much in need of a makeover... I am not motivated to blog anymore......

Thanks for considering me......

Kelly (kyshumate@yahoo.com)

Sara said...

I need a blog makeover because I'm so sick of my design. I've had it for almost a year now and I don't feel like it fits my personality and style. I'm planning a wedding and that's what I blog about, it'd be really great if my blog reflected the aesthetic... please help!! www.oliveweddings.blogspot.com