June 6, 2010

I remember when

he did this...daily.  Sometimes several times a day.

 I've got de-ja vue over here

and brother's looking pretty suspicious - 
so I think we know who showed her the ropes

I heart those two rascals...


Kim said...

OMW.. I dont know how you stand the cuteness.. becuase I can't..
I love it..
Toooo cute..
Have a great Sunday..

Cora said...

How cute! I hate to admit I kind of do that looking for a movie, :0).

Kristy said...

Would you think I was stalkerish if I told you that I Heart those two little rascals too!!!!

Love, Kristy

Eloise said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. Not surprised that your two precious children have gotten EVEN cuter in the week I've been away!

I really would like to get together. I'm in town the rest of June. How does your schedule look? Email me.

Hugs ~ E