June 7, 2010

How much did he cost?

I actually cringe when well-meaning people ask that question.

And I'm always surprised that they actually ask it.

I usually divert or re-direct the conversation.

Because is adoption really about money?  Is it ever really about money?

When we were fund-raising for Keira, it still wasn't about money.  It was about faith.  In people, in God, in His plan for our family...not about how much money we could plunk down to get to China.

And even though my son clearly has an idea of how much he costs..

(or maybe he just found that sticker and put it on his cute little self...)

I know this much is true

No matter how many labels people put on adoption or love or how many times people insist on attaching a monetary value to my sweet boy

nothing can ever change the truth

He is priceless


Ani said...

Love that smile! And he is priceless :-)

Sue said...

Yes, he is priceless!

Thankfully, that is one question we have never been asked.

I must say, when Alexa was young we were bombarded with commnets and questions. We live in cowboy land in AZ and we are not the "norm". As she has become older we do not get nearly the same kind of attention. Now it's different stuff, like they want to know her name, age, etc..still nosey stuff though.
People are nuts.

Sue : )

Michelle said...

LOVE it. I just had someone ask me that the other day...sigh.

frogglet said...

I understand where you are coming from, kinda, I can't really understand since I have never been asked that question. However, I do feel that sometimes it is about the money. When I am home with my children I will probably feel differently but right now money is a big issue and has guided too many decisions that it should not have. I hate it but it seems to be our reality currently, hopefully that will change soon.

And you know I can't comment without saying how handsome your little man is!

Holly said...

posted by Christie and 5am? Seriously girl? WHY were you up at that hour? MUST TRAIN KIDDOS TO SLEEP IN!!
I tell people that children are never for sale and that my son didn't cost a thing, however there were various agency and legal fees involved.
So rudely worded...how much did he cost?

JonesEthiopia said...

I had that asked of me, too.

Actually, it was "they're cute! How much did they cost?"

I smiled through my clenched teeth and said, "Nothing."

Anonymous said...

I too hate it when I've gotten that question. People are really quite insensitive (I was going to say stupid)....... I'm like you, I usually just try to redirect and move them on b/c my 7 1/2 year old doesn't need to hear that kind of stuff!


runninggal said...

I agree with Holly. I just tell them that you can't sell and buy people but there was a lot pf paperwork to fill out. Really, when you think about it, most of the fees were from the USA end of the deal...not China.

I have been known to ask someone what their weight was after asking me how much LiLi cost. I just figure we were having fun asking rude questions. ;0)