June 10, 2010

Big Apple

...and so on Tuesday AB and I are off to one of our favorite places in the US

I heart NYC so much

Like mucho, mucho

Like, I've got a list of my top five places and it's right at the top

Even though it's techinically for "business" and even though technically we're being "paid" to go (we being AB and I) - I'm so ecstatic...I can hardly stand it

New York, people

New York.

Never been?  Let me tell you - it IS as magical as they say it is.  It just is...

dreamy sigh...

And because this is a pleasure type of business type trip - we'll be doing tons of playing.  Some seriously amazing and fun stuff on the agenda - which I will document and report back to my public (snort).  And because this is a business type trip - all the playing will be paid for courtesy of the host.  And can I just say?  

I love me some New York.  Mucho.

So, I'm not 100% sure if the laptop will come with me...just because I could use the break, and because who has time to do lap-toppy things while in NYC?  I mean, hello?

On the other hand, I might feel lonesome for some internet time at the end of the day...

On the other hand, I might not.

So it's debatable.

And don't fret for "The Littles".  They will be in the safe, loving, and very capable arms of their grandparents - who adore them.  And who, for the record, were kind enough to come to our home so the kids could stay in their beds and all that jazz...which makes this mama ohsohappy down in my heart.  Love them...they are the best!

So, that's what's up buttercups...

oh, and I'm in major infatuation with Betty.  Can you blame me?  She's like the greatest thing on two wheels.  No, seriously.  The greatest.

Also?  Random but still...

Do you back up your personal computer?  No?  Let me advise you right now - and this is free advice that otherwise will cost you a small-bloody-fortune to hear later: go out right now and buy two things.  

1.  An external hard-drive backup device.  They are not expensive.  Plug it in, follow simple intructions, and watch as it makes copies of all you hold dear.  Then love it, squeeze it, and never let it go...or put it someplace very safe for a month and then repeat.

2.  Buy some DVD's...writable DVD's.  Like the 4.7 GB kind.  Walmart, people.  It's a no-brainer.  Insert and copy your pictures or writings, or files, or videos, whatever - onto them  Organize it however you see fit.  The point is: do it.  Just for kicks.  Just in case.  Just because.  Put somewhere safe.  Firebox?

Here's another tip - don't wait on this.  Do it now.  Here's why.  All those files you lovingly store on your computer - you know?  you're whole world?  Pictures of your sweet babies?  Fur-babies?  Home? Love?  All that stuff?  It's super-duper vulnerable on your computer.  Don't believe me?  Ask the countless people who have lost precious, precious irreplaceable items stored on their computers. 

It's not worth it.  You will cry the ugly cry.  You will mourn and grieve and kick yourself and hate yourself...and cry the ugly cry some more until your mascara is running down your cheeks and you're eyeballs are aching.  You will.  

This has not, mercifully, happened to me.  I'm a backer-upper.  I have three sources - just to be safe and I backup monthly.  I could not stand to lose more than that.  Even a month's loss would be sad and unfortunate - but a month and no more, I could sort-of stomach.

There would be no comparable feeling to losing Keira's Gotcha pictures.  Quint's 1st year....Kaleigh's life...oh my heart.

Please, whoever you are that reads this and doesn't back up your stuff - I promise you, it's not hard and you don't have to be all tech-savvy.  Just go to Best Buy or wherever and ask some nice salesperson to give you a hand selecting what you will need.  Or go online and research external hard-drives.

You'll thank me.  You will.


Anyway...sing it with me now...

Start spreading the news.....

I'm leaving Tuesday....

I wanna be a part of it...

New York....New York....




Chris said...

Have a great time in NYC, or as I, as a Long Islander call it, "the city".. lol Lived in NY all my life..bout 30-40 minutes away on "the island" (Long Island.. which sounds like "Longuyland" with my New Yawk accent lol) and don't go into the city nearly as much as I'd like to, but something I absolutely want to do more often when we have our child/children.


Unknown said...

A great PSA for backing up! I lost my hard drive in a fiery crash (which involved smoke on the mother board) and paid lots of money to recover it all. Backing up is so much cheaper! Have a great time in NYC, unplug and enjoy!

Eric said...

We use Carbonite.com and love it. For $60 a year, it's always there, always current, and all of the files are on the internet for us to access remotely.

Enjoy NYC!

Anonymous said...

so, pleasurable business!!?? you finally got noticed by a national news service?! just asking!! mrs.k.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time!! (in my neck of the woods)! You both deserve a getaway--even if it is work related.. :) Try not to miss the kid's too much--you'll be home before you know it. ~Holly

Eloise said...

Have a wonderful trip! I love New York too!

Thanks for the reminder on backing up. My computer crashed a couple of years ago and the data was not recoverable. I had most things backed up, but boy did I mourn the things that weren't (there's a trip report I wrote from our 2004 family excursion to Paris that still hope shows up somewhere). I have external hard drives on two of our computers, but I'm also going to check out the online backup that your other commenter recommended.

Valerie said...

I miss you already, but know you will have a fabulous time.

I really do need to back up, and appreciate your supportive concern for all of us out in blogger ville.

Come home safe and relaxed from NYC.

Love V

Kelly & Todd said...

Have a super great trip. I'm not sure if you are a fan of HGTV and/or the show Design Star, but they featured a fabulous Asian Market on the premier and I was blown away by all the goodies. Everything from furniture, fabrics, lighting, dishes, clothing, paper goods, etc... If you have a chance and want to check it out the name of the store is Pearl River and they are located in SOHO. I'd like to hitch a ride in your luggage. You could just drop me at this store and I'd be in heaven. It looked that cool to me.

Sorry - I ramble on sometimes. I hope you have safe travels and a wonderful few days away.

-- kelly :-)