January 5, 2010

A request

I have a new blog post up over at BRINGING KEIRA HOME if you'd like to stop by or refer others.  But since it's a last hurrah, I'm posting the information here as well.

We've been so deeply touched by the support and encouragement we have received from so many.  It's been humbling to say the least.

Now we're in the last couple days of fund-raising and we still need to raise about $2,000.00 to make everything come together.

So I'll only ask this, as so many of you are well versed on the reasons for the fund-raising and the goals:

Can you please please spread the word for us today?  Facebook - Twitter - Blog - E-mail - whatever you like.  If you can be specific and let people know we're trying to reach our final goal of $2K.  If each one reach one...or something like it.  We just need exposure to help reach that last little bit.  My mantra is that if God provided this far, He certainly isn't stopping just shy of the finish line!  People wishing to do so can donate via the "DONATE" button on the sidebar of the blog.  Donations must be received by Wednesday, January 6.  Thank you deeply!!

My family suffered a huge loss today with the passing of our beloved family dog, Molly.  I know many of you are pet lovers and can understand what a huge loss this can be.  Molly was like no other dog, and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that she was in many ways more important to me than my own puppies.  She was my parents dog - and subsequently, mine and my siblings dog.  And didn't she know it!  For ten years, she made a special connection with each of us - and each of us in our own special way are grieving her loss deeply.  She was a one of a kind.  There is just no other dog I can think of that comes close to her, not even my own.  That's just the kind of profound impact she made on all of us.  She was more like a person than a dog - with many emotions, a deep affection for her family, and the most pathetic set of "sad eyes" you've ever seen.  When she was mad at you, you knew it.  When she loved you, her head was on your knee.  When she was tired...like a little old lady, she went and found her bed and slept soundly for hours.  Her missing presence in our family is such a huge loss.  There are just no other words I can give to it.  After battling cancer and old age, she was just too tired to keep going.  So we parted with her today, and it's tangible that she's gone.  Tangible and so sad for us...

Goodnight sweet little "sister"....keep a cozy spot warm for me and I'll see you there


NiHao Nepal said...

Okay this is officially posted on my blog! The bad news is that I think I officially have about 5 readers!

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary of Landry's referral day! Sweet memories! I am looking forward to re-living the experience through your time in China!

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you!

S.Wise said...

I am so so sorry for your loss. It is sad and hard. Much love being sent your way.

Ani said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss...

Sue said...

So very sorry about the loss of your beloved Molly. I too know the joy of that special connection between a gal and her dog. My Georgie is still hanging on but is out of remission. I feel for you and will keep your family in my prayers tonight.



Anonymous said...

Have you gathered up all the old gold you have? Ask family members to donate their broken and old gold. You will be surprised how quickly that can add up when you sell it to a gold buyer.

Good Luck.
Christy Bailey
mom to Wen Family Day July 05

4D said...

I am so sorry about Molly.