October 26, 2009

Drip Drop.

No really.  I love a good rain storm.

And all last night, as I listened to all 3 inches of it come down - I thought, I really do love a good rain storm.

And all day today while Q and I chose to stay in  and play because it was so rainy and cold...loved it.  Cuddled up and watching it all come down out there.


Just wasn't loving it so much tonight when I went into Keira's room and felt a...drip. drip. drop.

on my head.

Awww, come on!  Who doesn't love being in their pj's, and waking up their already snoring spouse to assist in a climb up to the attic to locate the source of said drip drip drop?  With a flashlight.  At night.  Where the creepy crawlers live. 

Who doesn't?

Roof is leaking.

Through the attic.

Through the ceiling.

Into Keira's room.

After scraping away mounds of soaked insulation.  After scurrying to locate the source.  After finding large containers that could house the dripping.  After climbing down the ladder, in my pj's, and researching how to fix a roof leak - sat down and composed the following telegram:

Dear China, [STOP]

We're in trouble.  [STOP]

Need good news soon before daughter's room underwater.  [STOP]

Signed, Enough-is-enough [STOP]

Sigh.  Can't she just enjoy it a little bit before it falls apart waiting for her?


Christy said...

Oh holy cow no!!!! That is horrible! She will enjoy it soon enough. That just sucks! Im so sorry but in a few weeks I think your mood will be heightened!!


The Gang's Momma! said...

Oh no. Seriously?! I cannot believe it. I'm so sorry. Soooo sorry - leaks and home messes such as that are a pain enough. But how insulting for it to be in Kiera's adorable room?! UGH. Praying for you while you clean up and patch and repair.

Great couple posts here - been dealing with the flu here so I'm catching up when I can. Love your post about precious cargo - I know those feelings well. All of it!

Kristy said...

Oh gosh Christie when it rains it pours!!! Im so sorry that is happening!!! I hope today is better for you.

Love, Kristy

Melanie said...

Oh no. :( That really stinks.

Valerie said...

Girl....I hope you didn't get up in that thar attic! Yikes, I hate to use the expression but lately for you....when it rains; it pours.

I hope it was an easy and cheap fix.

Love V

NiHao Nepal said...

Girl, I am feeling your pain! We had a leak last night too!! There is nothing worse than listening to it rain, all the while knowing your roof is leaking!

Thanks for posting on my new blog! :-)