October 17, 2009


We heart bath-time.

Bath-time and bubbles.

Bath-time, bubbles, and our frog towel.

Bath-time, bubbles, our frog towel and a cooperative smiling two-year old.

Just sayin'


Emy said...

We do too! How could you not??? ;o)

Kayce said...

Bath time is the best! I remember putting Jacob in the sink for bath time and he just was nothin but smiles!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Awwwww, how could you NOT? He's adorable. :)

We just pulled Li'l Empress out of her bath. And into her duckie towel. She always asks to see herself in the mirror and then says "Wack Wack." So cute ;)

Christy said...

Been thinking about you and KAyce a lot lately. Im still praying for you and how does it feel to be NEXT!!!!!!!!


Briana's Mom said...

He looks like such a big boy in the picture! So handsome! Love it!

Kim said...

I sooo cannot wait for those bathtime SMILES..
Love ya..
I can't believe before long Keira will be in there having TONS of FUN..

frogglet said...

So cute!

S.Wise said...

I LOVE frogs!!! Your baby boy is so dang cute in his soft towel!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute as a button!


Unknown said...

how fun and sweet!!