October 27, 2009

You know what I love? Playdates.

Look at that eye-smile below...he sparkles when he smiles


Today we had the privilege of being invited by our dear friends to Story-Time at the local library and then treated to our favorite lunch:  Chipotle!  YUM YUM

I love this picture of the four of them walking along...and look at those twins - could you eat them up!?!

Unfortunately, Quint was under the weather but he enjoyed it as much as you can when you feel poopy.  It was a beautiful crisp day - and since we were all bundled up anyway, we chose to eat outside.  It may be the last time this season...we'll see!  We sure enjoyed every minute of it.  Good company, blue skies and good food...Thanks LB!!

We fixed the roof.  Correction:  I gathered the supplies.  Anton climbed up and did the actual fixing. and practically in the dark - since he had to wait until he got home from work (bless his tired, exhausted back, knees, and heart).  I was in pain just watching.

Turns out several shingles had blown away during a rough storm the other night.  Now you could hire a roofer for the big bucks.  Or you could spend about $30 and do it yourself. And so there you have it.

We do have some water damage in the door frame/ceiling area of Keira's room, so that will have to be addressed.  One thing at a time...I crawled up into the attic yet again today, and the trap I set for the water leakage had worked well.  Unfortunately, it was disheartening to see how much rain had collected in those few short hours.  Does not bode well for what was already saturated in the wood/walls, etc.

Kaleigh goes back to the vet tomorrow, will you send good thoughts for complete recovery and a good prognosis.  We're nearing the end of what we're able to do for her...so sad.  She's my girl.

Today in the car, my IPOD shuffled to a Christmas song.  Now before you plug your ears and cry "foul" - you must know that my IPOD is set to shuffle through my entire library.  I don't have any say-so where it stops.  But Silent Night by Bing came on...and it made me nostalgic.  And it was a cold crisp day, as I've said.  And I was feeling sad that Keira would not be with us, yet again, for Christmas.

Then I tried to shake it off...remembering how fun it will be to have one more holiday season with my little man - just the three of us.  How fun it will be to see his delight over the next couple months of activity and to enjoy just doting on him before we become four.

Then I hit "next" on the IPOD and "Living La Vida Loca" came on.  And before you cry "foul" on the Ricky Martin...that song was much more appropriate to my current week/life.  Feel me?


Cora said...

Sounds like a great date. Glad to hear you fixed the roof that does not sound fun at all. You will at leas tknow who Keira is even if you are not together. I wish I knew where we were going to be at Chrismas time, it is so hard to prepare when you have no idea how many will be in your family in a couple months, such a strange thing to say but so true.

Take Care, Cora

Kelly and Todd said...

I would never cry "foul" at the playing of a Christmas song. Christmas music is my favorie of all and I love it when a random Christmas song plays when you're least expecting it. I can't wait unti the radio stations go all Christmas all the time. Only a few more weeks to wait :-)

So glad to hear the roof leak is fixed. I hope you have a great weekend and a very happy Halloween.

-- kelly :-)