October 3, 2009

in which I wax undying love for sushi (but not just any sushi)

When it's already the absolute BEST SUSHI EVER there is no need to improve it. Or to bother eating any other sushi, because you already know it's not going to be able to compete.  And believe me, we've tried.  Yep.  Can't compare.  No comparison.  Lousy by comparison. 

(My favorite roll - the Annie)

Only thing left to do, my dear amazing Mikuni, is to expand your locations to Texas.  Please for the Love of the Lord!

This was one of the best treats I was treated to while in California (thank you for taking me, Mom!).

Since moving to Texas, it's become a standard request on my return visits.  And I never hesitate to tell my waitress "I came all the way from Texas to eat here" - and they usually laugh until they realize I'm sort of serious.  Ahem.

After all, it is quite possibly one of the only places Anton and I would consider begging, stealing, or borrowing to eat there on any given day at any given time for any given event or reason.

(Barbecued Albacore w. Spicy Dipping Sauce - slightly cooked on the outside, sushi on the inside...drool)

If you live in Northern Cali...we are jealous.

If you don't and you love sushi...woe to you.  I'm very sorry.

We used to live there.  Mikuni...not just Northern Cal.  And it pained us to leave our sweet treat behind.  Pained us deeply.  Wounded, I tell you.  I had been eating there for almost six years when I met AB and then we took our love of Sushi to a new level by becoming regulars - back when they only had one little location (they've since expanded to several).  Now it's been almost a 15 year love-Mikuni-affair.

(Deep Fried Shrimp/Spicy Avocado Handroll)

Which is why every trip back must find us clawing, stumbling, running, trying to find our way back to our table at Mikuni.

There is simply put, no better Sushi to be found.


Pictures courtesy of me...and later my gullet.  And now, courtesy of my culinary longing that they would plant one in my neighborhood.

(Pepperfin Tuna - absolutely amazing! like butta')

Hint Hint, Toro.  Come to Texas, Mikuni...we HEART you big time.

What's a girl got to do?

I'm not getting paid to plug them.  They don't know I exist.  But I am a sushi lovin' fool for Mikuni and their amazing menu (what gave it away?) and some food just needs a good rave, so why not?


Valerie said...

(Please read as Homer Simpson)

Mmmmmmmmm suuuuuushiiiiiiii!!!!!!

You just can't compare California Sushi (anywhere) to Texas, it ain't fitting, it just ain't fittin (the previous line should have been read as Mammy in GWTW)

Glad you are back and blogging in the Lone Star State.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

Ok, it is 10:30 in the morning and now I am absolutely craving sushi. Thanks. ;)

S.Wise said...

I am a die hard sushi fan!!!!! Now I must have some today!!! ;) Heck. We should have gone there for lunch! Next time!!!:) Hubby and I will have to go there when we are in the neighborhood!

S.Wise said...
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Anonymous said...

You should advertise for them. :)

Kayce said...

Sushi is my best friend. My very best friend! YUM!! I'm thinking that's what gonna be for dinner tonight.

Eloise said...

Yum! That all looks fabulous!

With AB's culinary talents, maybe you could open one of those restaurants here?!