July 5, 2008

Baby, On Aisle 5!!

Being a blended family, we're quickly learning, means that everyday trips out and about take on a whole new element. The element of surprise... Apparently, seeing two extremely white people with a gorgeous African baby causes heads to turn. Who knew!? But if you get within range, a whole other phenom takes places. The stop. Case in point:

We went to Sam's to get some formula and other essentials. As we placed baby boy in the cart and made it through the entry, we got some smiles, some stares...nothing unusual. We've gotten used to that.

But as we delved further into the world of warehouse shopping, and I'm talking a whole ten feet, we got stopped by a woman.

"Don't I know you? Oh my gosh! Who is this precious boy? Well hello, handsome! Who are you? Yes! Yes! Who are you?!? (insert silly baby talk here)" Turns out she recognized me from singing at church, but because the church is about 3000 people I didn't know her. So that's ok. It was nice of her to stop and introduce herself. Hi, Joy! She wanted to know who he was, how we adopted him, etc. Very nice gal.

But while we were talking to her, another couple approached and asked "can we ask, have you adopted?" We were blocking traffic with all three carts and all of us standing around gawking at the boy. We shuffled aside and out of the way and catapulted into a whole conversation about agencies, (bye, Joy...nice to meet you...as she strolled away waving to Q) travel, age limits, and the dreaded topic - cost. Turns out they are very interested but didn't quite know where to start. We exchanged information (because they were very nice) and found out they were missionaries to South Africa. At one point she laughed and said "this sounds terrible, but where can we get one!" I actually laughed (surprised myself) and said "oh, over there on Aisle 5". Before parting, she made sure to touch Q and tell me how amazing he was. I know...trust me...I know.

Twenty minutes went by in normal shopping conversation. Need this? Nah. How about this? Yes. And suddenly, I realized there was a woman hovering around the cart. "hi"...I'm looking at her...but she's not looking at me. Oh. She's looking at him. I finally say "hi" again...and she looks up. "He's beautiful...oh my...what a baby...what an amazing smile and face and....oh my. He's an angel." But she's still looking from him to me and wondering how it breaks down. Then AB walks up with spatulas and the plot thickens. From AB back to me her eyes are darting and questions are running through her mind. Come on lady, it's not rocket science. Shows you how much adoption is off the radar in the minds of many.

We pushed on and finally made it to checkout. This is where it got flat out funny. The lady behind us in line had two kids. I was unloading the cart and she was flirting with Q. "Hi" I said. She said "don't I know you?" I laughed. "Dont you got to xx Church?", she said. Ok, why not. "Yep!". "I saw you sing on Sunday...I knew that I knew you!" "Thanks!" After a round of introductions, the questions begin. "Wow, he's gorgeous. Is he adopted?" Well...the smart alec in me sometimes wants to rear her ugly head, but of course - I would never. So we talk again with a stranger about our journey in briefest format.

The lady behind her in line was listening in and walked around her own cart and new friend from church's to come and see him. She made goo-goo eyes at him, and he did it back and it was love...for her. She wanted to take him home. Apparently her grandchildren are grown - and she misses the babies. Good grief! She got weepy and church friend told me she had goosebumps when I told her we had only been home from Africa for a handful of weeks. Ok, well nice to see/meet you - time to go feed baby. Have a nice weekend!

As we pulled over into the cafe area to feed Q-man and get one of those artery clogging hot dogs and drink for a measly $1.50, we had a hard time. Not because he wasn't eating, or because we didn't want to ourselves. But because no less than three people made a point to stop whatever they were doing, come over to where we were, and say something in the ballpark of "OMG, I just had to come over and say what a beautiful boy he is! What a doll! Goodness...he's so freaking cute!" We just smiled politely and agreed wholeheartedly, and eventually made it through two thirds of the dogs before they were too cold to finish. Baby was loving it! Attention, attention, attention.

We did finally make it out the door....exhausted. All for some formula and spatulas. We're gonna need a better strategy. A shorter epic that will keep us moving while we talk. And perhaps a paper bag with eye holes cut out for baby Q. Yikes!

On a more serious note - we did not want to go to Sam's. We ventured out of the house against our own will, drug ourselves out and truly did not want to be there. Necessity drove us. We were kind of in lousy moods. But quite frankly, we both felt better after meeting so many nice people, and on top of that - we felt like maybe our visit there was fortuitous for the couple that has been wanting to adopt so badly and didn't know a good agency from a bad one. Now they have the information they need to start and maybe another child just got a family? That should give everyone goosebumps. As hard as it can be to be the center of curiosity and questions when we leave the house, there are some monumentally good things that can come out of it. I've got to try and remember that when I'm feeling like a moving exhibit walking around with my little man.

Speaking of the little stinker...hows-about some updates on his cute little self?

We're slowly but surely perfecting the art of sitting up around here. I still try to put big soft pillows around so that when he goes down (and he does) he doesn't crack his head. He loves to play sitting up - who knew? He's such a funny little guy and his personality is just blossoming. He's so COY! I love his facial expressions.

This one below kills me! Are you hiding behind that little book, my little boy? Ha! Only one eye to peek and see if Mommy is still looking at you? My oh my, what great motor skills you have to be so coordinated at 7 months! (That's my bragging that I'm entitled to...tee hee)

Very first Banana - below. He LOVED it. He could not get enough. Finally...venturing to some real food.

And then out of the blue...Daddy handed him a homemade pancake on another day, and he went nuts! He ate and ate and ate. (and made a MESS of the floor. Good thing we have two "quicker picker uppers")

Speaking of one of my "quicker picker uppers" - hope you've been having fun this 3-day weekend - I've been sleeping whenever possible - in the middle of laundry, etc. AB snapped this pic of me and my sweetie, Anabelle taking a little siesta while the bedding was being washed.

Happy 4th of July! We stayed home and had a quiet 4th, but only because we're heading to the country today to PAR-TAAAY like it's 1999 with sistas #4, #3, and #2 (check the sidebar for reference). It's gonna be so much fun! Quinty's first 4th of July swim, BBQ, fireworks party! Yee haw!

P.S. Blog makeover is still coming - I just had to put a hold on it, while we wait for some pictures. But it's gonna be soooo darn cute!


Erin said...

Girl, the stopping you in stores never, EVER ends. Wait until he starts talking and starts up those conversations with people all on his own! But I think it is wonderful and I just think about all the people my wonderful child is touching. And Quint is doing the exact same thing.

There is a woman in my weekly Bible study that wants to adopt from Ethiopia so I gave her the name of your agency and of course, your name. She said that you and AB were in her Life Group for a time. Very, very sweet! See, you are touching people even when you aren't there! :-)

I cannot WAIT to see you guys this afternoon! It will be the party to end all parties. And we will have to say a cheers to Sista #1.

Love you and see you in a few!!!!

Sista #3

Anonymous said...

The same situations happen all the time when we are out with Wen. Everyone wants to comment on how beautiful she is and how small she is for her age. The small comment bugs me b/c Wen has a complex with being smaller than her peers. So I always say that she is so Smart and BIG AND STRONG... so I can make sure she is hearing that.

We don't have as many adoptions questions like we did when she was a baby...

Sometimes when I am by myself, it is short and sweet answers b/c I am not there to share my adoption story, I am there to get my list of things... LOL

Qunit continues to make me smile.

Love Christy Bailey

frogglet said...

It was great to hear about your shopping adventure. It reminds me when my sisters (identical twins) were little and we could not go anywhere without getting stopped, with the are they twins question. It always craked me up when they were dressed exactly the same. I wanted to say no we don't even know this little girl she is just following us, :0) We still get stopped occasionally to ask if we are triplets now that we are grown, so it never stops.
So I have a little bit of a warning of what is going to happen when we bring our kids home but I am sure I am in for a fun time :0)
Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer said...

What a great story! I wish I could hear what you say in your head when people ask, "Is he adopted?" I wish I could kiss that little guy, he really is just adorable! Have a great weekend...

Kim said...

LOVE IT... You know what is funny.. is that everywhere I turn now , there are little ones who are adopted.. it makes me SMILE and get this warm fuzzy feeling..
LOVE the pictures..
Quint is toooo cute..
Can't wait to see the makeover.. and the pictures of this weekened.

Elise said...

Who wouldn't want to stop and gaze at the that cute face:) Hope you had a great day at the celebration!!!

Emy said...

All I can say is, unfortunately, get used to it. Scott is 6'9, and yeah, that's really tall, but jeesh! We have a lot of the same stuff happen to us. I especially love when people stop dead in their tracks and point. How stupid or rude or ignorant or something?!? Some people mean well and just have a kind word, but it never ends, and all we are dealing with is height!

Babies always draw a crowd, I'm even bad at that. And I'm sure since you have an especially adorable son, people can take their eyes off of him! :)

Good luck!

Emy said...

BTW, my sister thinks it's a southern thing. She can't get over how friendly people are and how we all talk to strangers at the grocery store. She loves it! She's in Wisconsin, and it is NOT like that at all!

So, I guess if it gets too bad, you could always move, ha ha ha!

Leslie said...

We also get stopped everywhere we go to...I really think we should charge! LOL

He is a cutie!


Donna said...

Wow, I couldn't imagine getting stopeed THAT many times in one store run! You said you weren't in a good mood, but you sure did handle it well. You deserve a medal for being so nice to everyone. Sometimes I wonder why people can't just silently admire the baby and just assume it's a family joined by adoption. Why of why, must they know for sure?? I'll never understand that.

LOVE the Quint pics...he is SO totally gorgeous. I have to admit that I would be staring a little bit at him if I walked by in a store too.

Cute pic of you and Anabelle taking a snooze together. Gotta love our furbabies! By the way, we have the same bed...gotta also love IKEA!

Donna :)