July 24, 2008

"Is there a Time Management Guru in the house?"

Try as I might, or want to though I may - I have no time to blog this week. (yet, remarkably - I have taken my big bag of "no time" to blog about not having time to blog...hmmm) Anyway...

I am buried, folks. Buried alive. Work, housework, chores, errands, work...buried I tell you!

More to come on AB's solution to my buried-ness, our fun weekend coming up, and how I'm overcoming and trying to adapt to my new schedule - working full-time from home and juggling being a mommy. Harder than I thought...a lot harder. I'm getting my ba-dunk-a-dunk handed to me. Oh yes, I did go there.

See ya real soon! Why? Because we like you!



Cora said...

Can't wait to hear more about the solution, it sounds good.

Jennifer said...

If there is a solution I must have it. Now. I'm serious hurry up.

Forget that fun weekend and help me out!

Just kidding, have a great weekend!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Can't wait to hear what it is..
I love the craziness.. it keeps us young girly..
Have a Great Weekend..

sea star said...

Totally understand!

Love your new look. It's perfect for your growing family! The photos in the header are gorgeous!