July 10, 2008

Chopped Off Hair

Ok? Ok?? That's what my stylist asked me today. I feel like I could run singing through the forrest! Best seven inches of hair I ever parted with. I feel like I can move my head left to right again. I feel like I can go maybe seven hours without a crappy headache. I feel like I actually might have a style for once, and not just all my masses of thick hair crammed on top my head in a clip - looking like I just rolled out of bed. Buh-bye seven inches. See ya in the fall! Whatcha think?

Meanwhile, the "little tiger" and I matched, so Daddy took a picture...orange is a good color on us, son!

My little pumpkin...I love him so much I could die from his cuteness overload.

Just because...notice how Anabelle sits in close proximity? I told you. That's her baby.

Daddy loves, loves, loves his little guy...

Many of you have asked how Kaleigh is doing - she has had follow up testing since we came back from Africa and we are still concerned about her liver. She's going in for another ultrasound on the 25th and we'll go from there. At this point, it doesn't seem dire. She's doing ok and other than being miserable from allergies (*her whole life, I might add) she's pretty much herself and still our little punky brewster.

The other night, we had a thunder and lightening storm - a pretty sizable one. Well, this sends Kaleigh to scope out ANYWHERE that she can bury herself and hide until it has well passed. I went looking for her and found her snuggled between Anton's rack of clothes in the closet (and shivering in fear). Sweet baby.

When I left and came back a few minutes later...she had moved...into what I can only describe as..."The Blair Witch Project" position.

(if you didn't see the movie - don't bother. I was scared to be alone for a month after that stupid freaking farce of a movie that I freaking thought was real for freaking ever until I happened upon the actors talking about it on TV...#*$#$*##*$&# If you did see the movie - you should be laughing still.

Yesterday, my little man finally wore an outfit I've had for a while now. My little "Year of the Pig" outfit that Anton got me last year for Keira. (we were still hopeful...sigh) Little did we know that we DID have a little "Piggy" - he just hadn't been born in our hearts or even literally born yet. Well, here he is, in all his glory. Spit up on it ten minutes later in a big way and the new was off like an uncomfortable pair of jeans after binging at the "All You Can Eat" buffet. (come on, this is some of my best material, folks!)

As for the bloggy makeover - still coming. Working on it...working on design...trying to make decisions that I have no time to make at this point - but can't resist. Another couple weeks oughta do it.

For someone who asked where all my sidebar links went - well, they were a casualty of my blog makeover - for the sake of I'm not sure what yet. I just wanted to simplify a little. It was truly meant as no insult or anything of the sort. If your blog is not linked - please know that I love you and your blog and still read them faithfully (though I am an unworthy blogger, because I am comment lazy - or time deprived...ouch) Anyway - the one blog in particular...I can't find! Yikes! So sorry! I know her name was Cindy...and she has a cat as her ID. A grey cat, right? Anyone? We think she may be getting her referral finally?!? Cindy - you out there?


Eloise said...

Love your new haircut!! It looks so cute and cool and stylish.

Looking forward to the unveiling of the new blog design.

Jodi said...

Love your new haircut! Cute! Cute! Cute!!!


Robyn said...

love it!!!!! Girl, once you go short you won't go back! You know your girl Robyn can hook you up with some crazy hair product!

Love ya!

Dawn and Dale said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut!! I'm actually going in next week for a new do and am thinking of getting lots chopped off as well!! I have very thick hair too but it's also very naturally curly so when I go short...it usually goes frizzy and out of control!!

I'm hoping my stylist can give me something easy and nice to work with!! :)

Erin said...

Now ALL of the Posse members have short hair! I love it - it looks gorgeous on you!

Give all of your kiddos kisses for me! Love you and miss you!

Catherine said...


Mya said...

You looked beautiful before but your new doo is soo cute! What I would do for all that hair! BTW, I have been lurking and Q is an absolute angel! He could not be more precious! I love that smile. Also, your honesty on your adoption was so truthful. Ours was not all that rosey either! Our experience was rather tramtic. Thank you for telling it like it was for you all. Nothing is easy in IA! Hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

soooo cute

Anonymous said...

Love the 'do, but I can't believe you're still wearing earrings! I haven't worn them in 12 years! Am I right, Moms?
Love, Julie

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Love the hair, love the material!

Anonymous said...

Great Hair!! You look beautiful, I think it is much more than a new hair doo though! The beauty of motherhood suits you, you are radiant my dear. I love you and Anton and that beautiful baby, Quint, OMG, just can't stand it!
Love deany

Jennifer said...

Love the haircut! Lookin' good for a new mom!

Ok, The Blair Witch Project scared the bedoodle out of me. I walked out and waited in the lobby part way through. And it's so funny, Kaleigh looks JUST LIKE the end where he (or she I can't remember) was standing in the corner. You're so funny!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love the new do. I call it the new Mommy thing. I believe the majority of new Moms get haircuts when they get busier than ever before.

Momma Martha

Diana said...

Love the new haircut!!
You are right..orange looks GREAT on both of you:-)

Brendadan912 said...

I love reading your blog, you are so interesting and your son is the cutest!!
The blog I think you are looking for Cindy with a cat is:

Have a great day,

Cindy said...

Hi honey! I adore watching little Q grow up. He looks like he's already gotten taller! I do totally love your hair! I think you can roll out of bed and still look good. :) As for your dogs, I have to admit, (though I'm not positively sure what breed yours are), the pitty's are my all time favorite dogs! Kaleigh is just too too adorable, poor thing shivering in the closet. :) Anabelle watching over her baby is the best! I can't get enough of you guys. :) Thanks for inquiring about me. Sometimes I think I'm just blogging for my daddy. :) Hehe.

Love ya!

Kim said...

LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE the new hair cut....
Looks GREAT..
Love Quint in the piggie outfit...

Stephanie said...

I love all the pictures! Your use of the YOP outfit is very FITTING!! Hee hee.

The hair, my dear, is awesome!!