July 7, 2008

4th of July Fun

Well, actually...5th of July - but it was the 4th in spirit...or, err..something.

ANYWAY - we had a quiet 4th at home because we knew we would be partying "Country" style on the 5th with our good friends Robyn & Paul and all but one of our sista posse. (Missed you K-girl!).

We had a blast! Still talking about the amazing fireworks...felt like we were at Disneyland (no lie!) Quint was a doll, as usual - but a little clingy, which we're noticing is his new "public" routine. Cling, cling. It's ok - we don't mind holding and/or clinging back. He's so cute, I could eat him up!

The food was awesome, the drinks were cold, and the view from where we sat was just beautiful (props to Mama Martha and Daddy Wayne for one heck of a landscaping job all the way out there in countryville.

Here's some pics - hope your weekend was fun and relaxing and that you ate way too much, like me.

Q-man playing with his friend A - she is such a sweetie pie

Do you get the feeling that we're the beginning of a united nations posse with all our beautiful multi-cultural kiddies?? LOVE IT! This isn't even everyone. We're missing FOUR little ones...can you believe that!

Nuttin' but a G-thang baby...


Kim said...

LOVE the pictures....Especially of all the CUTE little ones...
Looks like an amazing day..
Have a Great Week..

Erin said...

Oh my goodness, it was SO much fun! I will never forget Daddy Wayne and the rice. Still cracking up about that! Your son is so precious. And I love the picture of all of the kiddos that were there. Just think - next year, there will be NINE babies in that picture. It's a little hard to believe!

Love you and so glad to see you again! When are we getting together again? :-)

Auntie E

P.S. I have to say that every single time I see my gift from Ethiopia, I get a teary-eyed. I know, shocking - Erin is teary-eyed. But it means SO much to me. I love it and will treasure it always.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures....love Aubriana and Quint playing together so sweet.

Always good spending time with friends.

Love V

Kayce said...

Wonderful pictures!!! That last one is CLASSIC!! Glad you all enjoyed your fourth!

Robyn said...

Glad you were able to experience fireworks "country style". Can't wait to do it again!!!

I love seeing all our kids together and reminiscing about how far we have come together.

love ya!!

Suz said...

What a great way to spend the day! I love the UN picture, too cute for words! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Isn't my grandson the Bomb!!! What a superstar in his little sunglasses. Can't wait to hold and kiss him!

Leslie said...

AHHH i love the pics of all those sweet babies on the blanket...cute!!!

Emy said...

Love the group shot, and the first one of Quint... so adorable.

What does the M3 Posse stand for anyway???