May 26, 2007


Ok, so I'm late in posting - but my gawd was this a good season finale or what!?!?! I just watched it tonight (don't ask how I waited so long either - I'm not even sure myself!) but wow!

I just knew, that I knew, that I knew that those clips they kept showing were gonna be from the future!

OMG! SOOOOOO good...

The hubs gave up on the show in Season 2 and said it just got too weird for him. Kind of a "Days of our Lives" syndrome, if you will. So he bailed and now I watch alone....

No problem there! My L*st cast keeps me HAPPY HAPPY!

Please someone tell me that Charlie is gonna find an escape hatch? I hate that one eyed dude - he always shows up to kill someone...never fails...and I think his secret is that the island won't let him die. Just like Locke can walk - this crazy nut-job can die and die, but never dies. You dig?

Man.....gooooood show!

Love me some McShepperd and some McSawyer too...(sorry babe...what's a girl to do...gotta give props to my L*st crew). And for the record...wasn't the moment Sayid pulls the neck break trick with his legs completely and utterly WICKED COOL! I literally was like "you go!!" That was awesome!

Ohhhh....enough outta me...I'm L*st Lovesick.

Peace out peeps ~

-The Gusher


Briana's Mom said...

Oh yeah - I love me some Lost too! And I don't think it is coming back until January - OMG what am I going to do! This show drives me totally crazy, but in a good way!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are a Lost fan! It is the best isn't it? Love it!! Poor Anton, no guts to hang in there, nothing like Days, although Days at least years and years ago when I watched, (1970's) everyone died and came back so maybe just maybe they (Day's people) are living on the island and have just not been discovered yet! Now that would be a twist ;-0. Anyway, I too loved the finale, thought it was great and did know it was the future. Stay tuned.............