May 13, 2007

Happy Mama's Day

A very warm and sincere Happy Mothers Day to my dear Mom - who I cannot be with today because we just live too dang far apart! Happy Mom's Day and I love you to the Moon and back...

And while I'm at it - Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's reading this and all the Moms to be, like myself!


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun with you yesterday and wished we could have gone with you in the eveing.

Next year....we are MOM's!

Happy Mama's day.


Anonymous said...

Christie, You are always so thoughtful and sweet. I couldn't have ordered a more awesome daughter than you! For all of her gal pals out there, you should see what she sent me from the Red Envelope, for Mother's Day!! It is a beautiful "Motherhood" box and I can't wait to find little keepsakes for each one of my kids, to put in it. Thanks baby, you're the greatest!!!
Love, Mom

4D said...

Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep smilin!

Stacey said...

It was wonderful meeting you. I would really love to talk with you... It seems we have a LOT in common. When you find the time give me a call (9) 294-0795

Robyn said...

Happy Mama's Day to my fellow waiting mommy. Our girls and coming and they are in for a wild ride!!

Love Ya!