May 23, 2007

Oh, for the LOVE OF PETE!

This is rediculous! F*x network screwed thousands of viewers tonight when they ran their long awaited (and faithfully viewed in our household) American Id*l show long without any warning to those that record the show via DVR or TIVO - RIDICULOUS! We just spent two hours watching the finale (on our DVR) and it cut off at 9pm on the dot (as it was supposed to) and we missed the end of the show, including who won - which we now know is Jordan - but LAME! Two hours of fluff for nothing - an entire season of watching every week without fail just to be ripped off at the last and most important second. It's like waiting in line to ride the best line in the amusement park - you're hot and sweaty - two hours go finally get in the seat, strap in...and then they come over the loud speaker "Ladies and gentleman, at this time the American Id*l Scream Machine is experiencing techinical difficulties and we must ask that you exit the ride while our engineers access the problem." This is the second time this has happened to me this week. Only, the first time I was actually on a ride and that's exactly what we were told. I'm getting a little peeved!

And for the record - we knew Jordon would win. She is beautiful and young and talented. But that didn't keep us from hoping that Blake would steal it just to make the audience go "OMG - he freaking won!!" I'm just still so mad at F*x right now...PLAN YOUR SHOW A LITTLE BETTER! Cut out the stupid Golden Idol crappy and get to the point. That Green D*y song was dry and long and depressing - I know the album was for a good cause but yawnnnnn on this finale. And then there was Bette! My gawd - help me! She had to sing the last song that was a hit I guess...but why oh why...who said "yes, great idea...Bette sings Wind Beneath my Flappity Wings"....and I am a Bette fan, but good Lord, she was not so good tonight.


...last night I stayed up watching the (recorded) finale of my other love affair "Dancing with the St*rs". I was torn between these two darling couples! But I guess deep down, I wanted Joey to win. He was just so amazingly talented and wicked entertaining - there is just no disputing that. At the same time though, my boy - Apollo....jeesh, he made it look so easy and he was such a hard worker. And are he and Julianne not the stinking cutest couple ever? So much electricity when they danced! And special thanks to this network for not ending the show late and causing me to miss the last five minutes of the finale. That would have sucked! But at least I could have watched it online - you can't do that with AI unless you pay for it - and that's a big fat no thank you! AB and I were just so irritated tonight.

Annnywayyyyyyy -

That's my rant and to bed!



Robyn said...

and I thought I was the tv addict!! You crack me up!! Hope you and AB got some good sleep after you calmed down.

See you soon!

Anonymous said... ALWAYS have to start a little early and give yourself at least 5-10 minutes afterwards. Recording 101.

I kept switching to see the end of AI whilst watching LOST!

I was happy to see Apollo win and finally see Laila get the dancing boot.

See you tomorrow.

Love V

Elise said...

That totally is so crazy that you missed the last couple minutes. I have DVR too but we did watch it live but that would have made me so mad. Check out my blog today...we had a little Idol party to celebrate our brother Blake. I knew he wouldn't win but he's such a cutie anyways:)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your failure to see the end of "the show", I too had it cut off, but right after he said who won, don't know if she sang or anything, I set my DVR for 5 minutes longer even and just barely saw who won! BOO to Fox!!! Not a Lost fan? It was great last night, really a good show. Didn't get to see Dancing this year something else is on when that is on that I watch but it looked good!
Sorry for your TV mis adventure!
Love Deany

4D said...

I HATE when that happens!

I did not watch it...knew Jordan would win and I had an event to go to.

I wanted Joey to win.

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

I am a reality tv junkie. I watch both of those shows. So you think you can Dance is coming on soon.. I was glad that I actually had the tv on the same channel.. I had tivo'd American Idol too.. and we are actually from Arizona so the news showed the whole thing..
Have a great week.