May 21, 2007

Cooking 101

There was a strong possibility that AB was going away for the entire upcoming summer to work at a sports camp. Shamefully, the first words out of my mouth were "but what will I eat?" He had the presence of mind to chuckle at me, but people - I was not kidding! Back in my single days, I used to live on Ramen, Mac n Cheese, and good ole' cereal, perhaps an occasional tuna sandwich. Early into my dating experience with AB, I found out that I had struck some serious culinary gold. I've mentioned it before - this guy can C-O-O-K. The only thing I could think of besides being lonely for him, was being lonely for his amazing cooking. I was browsing through some picture I took recently and realized that I passed over blogging these about a month ago. Had to share my darling in his element.

The truth for us is, I stay out of the kitchen unless it's to microwave something or wash a dish. He is the master and I humbly bow to the culinary king. Thank God for him, or I would still be eating Ramen by the gallons and boring tuna. Now I'm getting pan seared steaks with marinated mushrooms, Rare Sushi grade Tuna over greens with a ginger dressing, and shrimp scampi in butter lettuce wraps. Can you see why I must declare him king 'o the kitchen? It doesn't hurt that he's cute also...
"See babe, it's easy...just like this..."

"and then they get all golden like this"

"piece of cake!"

Love you and your mad skills, honey! And for the record, he's decided to stay here for the summer, and my tummy and I couldn't be happier. Whew! Crisis averted!


Valerie said...

I was going to borrow a cup of sugar...but now...can I borrow a gallon of Anton!!!

His talent list just keeps growing.

I wish I could digest all of my hubbys keen intellect...but sadly that is very low in any solid nutrition.

Love V

4D said...

Chef Anton!! Cook and playwright. He does have MAD skills. Love it!

Keep smilin!

Donna said...

Wow, a good looking guy AND he can cook??!! You are one lucky girl.

Donna :)