April 17, 2007

The last week: Part III - Pirates of Penzance

Some of you already know that AB is in the middle of directing his middle school students in "The Pirates of Penzance". Wanting them to fully understand and appreciate the musical and to experience it themselves as an audience, he found that the Dallas Theater was putting it on downtown and so he arranged for them all to go. He invited me along and we had a good time and it was a beautiful show, and very funny.

The kids seemed to really like it and I had more fun re-living my "bus days" as we rode the big yellow school bus there and back. Of course, I forgot how loud it can be when you add in forty middle school age kids - Yikes!

Here are the pics and it was a great time! I had no idea how operatic "Pirates" was - that is until the lead Soprano belted out one high note after another. Whoo hoo!

The fun and rainy Yellow School Bus ride...

AB was suffering from a horrible headache - but it got better once we hit the theater...

We had three rows of students, all who were eager to see the musical. They were on their best behavior and we were very proud of them!

AB's production of "Pirates of Penzance", I think will be so much better now that the kids truly understand the production. So we only have two more weeks until opening night, and of course, I know it will be great. It'll be nice to have AB back as well, since he's been in deep production mode for two months! AHHHHhhhhhhhhh!


4D said...

What a great field trip!

Good luck with the prep work for opening night. Break a leg everyone!

Keep smilin!

Kelley said...

Don't miss riding on the big yellow bus! With AB directing, I know that the production will be nothing but spectacular!