April 1, 2007

Extreme Bathroom Makeover - well, sort of...

Our home is three years old. It's a little three bedroom/two bath cozy comfy type in a neat little newly developed neighborhood. We bought it brand new and I have loved it since the day I walked in the door. We just kind of fell into "first home" love with it. The only problem was that all the walls were white - kinda like a hospital. You know how it is?!? They schlep the paint on and as it's drying, hand you the keys. We had to move in - no time to paint first - we were living with AB's parents and had only the very little we had managed to jam into our cars for the cross country move. The rest was all in storage...

All this to say - over the last three years, we've slowly but surely made our way through painting the living room, entryway, hallway, and kitchen. We have LOVED the results every time. This last year as many of you know, we painted the nursery - and you've all seen through the pictures the work that took! (If you haven't seen it- click here and scroll down).

The bigger problem and the reason we don't just knock it all out at once, is because AB HATES (let me emphasize H-A-T-E-S) painting. I might as well ask him to stick hot pokers under his nails - because painting for him is torture. Far be it from my cheap self to hire a painter to come in and mess with it, I have to tangle myself up into painters tape, drop cloths, step-ladders, and 12 different kinds of paint brushes or rollers.

The guest bathroom has been bothering me for months - dare I say - years. I've had the same decor for ten years. No joke. It's the last room in the house that visitors often see that hasn't received a post-move-in makeover. No paint, no pics, no nothing. Just a plain old white bathroom, with a couple knick knacks and a shelf. Oh, and the purple decor I've had for eons. Two months ago I went to Home Depot and bought a luxurious (I'm Bobby Trendy now!) soothing and tranquil looking purple-ish paint. Kind of a misty ~ I don't know ~ almost silvery purple. I thought it would go great with the decor that was already in there and would really add a kick to such a boring little space. But, it sat in the garage with all the supplies and gathered dust.

Well folks - I could NOT take it anymore. At 6pm Saturday night, I had had enough white bathroom! Here are some pictures of it as it stood Saturday afternoon ~

AB had to be out that night - so I just put the ol' overalls on and started my project. So here we go - painted the room and with the first couple strokes realized we had more of a periwinkle than a purple.
Had to snap some pictures of this sink, because it was driving me nuts how plain it was. I already had an idea for how I was going to punch it up!

Sunday afternoon, the paint had dried, the tape came off and the project continued when I had AB "jump" under the sink for some wanna-be plumber magic. (*It should be noted fully that AB hated this project from the get-go. He was totally irked to be spending this only day off firmly planted in this tiny space for over an hour.*)
A quick trip out for some decor and supplies and wa-la! You too can have a bathroom makeover for cheap $$ and a little time and labor. We went with white decor and it really brought out a stunning stark contrast to the bluish paint job! LOVED it!

I also used all black and white pictures in my two frames.
It really added to the overall look and feel.

You might recall, there were no knobs on the sink cabinet draws or doors before. AB added these little beauties to kick it up a classy notch. I think they are awesome!

Now I never have to feel embarrassed when showing guests to my lovely guest bathroom!

Check out the gorgeous Hot/Cold Handled Faucet! Remember it was that old and plain standard knob version?

You can barely make this out, but see how nice it goes with the green in the hallway? Love it!

I am loving my new bathroom! It's amazing what a little paint and some cheap supplies can do for your home. I told AB "now we only have the master and the office left". He said "yeah, and have fun with that, Babe!". Egad! I hope he doesn't mean to leave me to my own devices. I'm a bit of a mess when it comes to drilling and measuring! Until next time when we tackle the Office - here's to Home Improvement!



Erin said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Wanna come over and do my study? :-) Love ya and can't wait to see it in person!

Kelley said...

Love it! I've been itching to paint too. I haven't painted anything since I did Emily's big girl room in March of 2005. Seems like now might be the time to tackle...something.

The Real Pirate King said...

Why?!?! Why does it need to be noted that I really didn't want to do this? I don't understand, HBOO. I got it done, right? Or mostly done. I mean,just because you can't turn on the cold water faucet ... doesn't means anything right?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, makes me wanna take a
Love it

Valerie said...

It is lovely!! I also hate painting, but he results are always SO worth it. Great job to you both.

Love V

Robyn said...

Love the bathroom and of course you know purple is my "signature color" so I am so glad you got a variation of it.
Can't wait to check it out in person!!

Love Ya!!