April 12, 2007

Easter Sunday

Now that I have fully vented below - I will carry on with our regularly scheduled programming...

Easter Sunday:

At left I am moving and shaking to some great Worship with my church. No pressure - only had to get up there in front of about 3300 people and give it my all!

For those that don't know - I love to sing me some good ol' church music...and as long as I can remember, I've been involved in singing at church. At age 11, I was the youngest person to ever join the adult choir at my then church in Sacramento, and was allowed to sing with the grown-ups because I guess I was just brave enough (or silly enough to think I was all that!) to get up there and do it. By thirteen I was singing solos regularly and by fifteen I was leading worship for my youthgroup. Fast forward eons and here I am still doing my thang - still loving it!

Sunday was really exciting - not just because we had so many people, but because we really had a powerful and awesome time of Praise and Worship, and because I got to lead at the helm, as it were, with two of my dear and respected peers, all under the gentle guidance of our beloved Worship Arts Pastor, Scott.

You can see in this picture most of the stage and the huge screens for easier viewing from the back. You can't see the packed building, or the amazing band that played with us that day. If you click the picture, I am on the front of the stage, right side, black suit. Fun!

It truly was a wonderful experience - and something I thoroughly enjoy doing!

Meanwhile, I had a little pressure because a family I love and adore showed up and made my morning! Erin, Bob and the lovely Mollianne made their way over to me after the service they attended (there are three services) and we got to hug and chat briefly. It was so great to have them, and it sounds like they might have found their future church home, so that was a wonderful added bonus! So glad you all came!!! Made my day!

Here I am with the lovely and darling Miss Mollianne - Princess of Easter Sunday....

Later we made the trip to see AB's parents and have Easter Dinner with them. She made a marvelous spread and we were able to unwind (after that busy and wonderful morning in Church!) and take a little nap. It was a very lovely day and it was truly wonderful to be on their gorgeous property with all the trees and flowers. Loved it!

Hope your Easter was wonderful too - He is Risen!

-Hugs, Christie


Erin said...

It was an honor watching you do your thang - and do is so beautifully! We love you and can't wait to come back.

Kelley said...

I can't wait to hear you belt it out, sister! I just noticed that you have a photo of "cake cookies" on your side bar. Thanks! Now I'm craving a cake cookie. Love you tons, girl!

4D said...

That is wonderful...good for you.

Happy Easter!

Keep smilin!