June 21, 2012


So we made it through the New York experience – but AB has been a bit worse for the wear upon return.   Walking around a huge city for four days will kinda have that affect anyway, but add in major surgery recover and well…it’s a bit silly to expect otherwise, I suppose.  Still, we could not get out of it.  And truthfully, we had a great time.  There’s not much to dislike about seeing Broadway shows, having good food, and seeing lots of amazing sites! 


IMG_2746-rev  IMG_2759-rev
War Horse Group Shot

Meanwhile, in case you hadn’t noticed (cough) the challenges got side-lined.  Which left me feeling one-part relieved (yes, I admit it) and one-part disappointed.  We made it so far, and then life just kinda took over.  I know you get it – I just don’t particularly like being a quitter.  Meanwhile, what say you and I re-visit those challenges after Summer and tackle the last three in the Fall?  Deal?  Ok.  Whew.  Load off.

In other news, my children are growing and changing and maturing before my very eyes.  Keira is now 3 years old – yes, she had a birthday!  Quint is 4 1/2 in actuality and 45 1/2 in personality.  Yes he is.  So there’s that…and I still owe you a Part 2 of his journey…which even as I write this is changing every day. 

We have a full summer ahead with travel plans and lots of relaxing in the forecast.  In that you can read that I’ll be leaving for La Cabin in two weeks time.  Can I tell you a secret?  {I’M SO HAPPY}.  I need some time to collect myself.  Some time to put together a ton of thoughts and experiences and feelings into some kind of order.  Our life has been somewhat crazed lately and I’m just so anxious to be surrounded by this to clear my head:

La Cabin

Hoping your summer plans are making you as happy as it just made me to see those pictures again…dreamy sigh…



The Gang's Momma! said...

I so wish I could escape somewhere restful and beautiful and peaceful like those pictures. Even if just for a couple days. Our life has been much like you described and I'm so so weary.

I love that you are letting yourself off the hook for the challenges. Good on ya ;) I will look forward to reading up on Quint's story. I have some big stuff for Li'l Empress happening soon and will have to process to blog about it too. BIG change for her comin....

Hugs to you all. Enjoy your summer playing and relaxin. I'm trying to figure out when I get to do the same. Babysitting ends on the 28th. Maybe then....

Kim said...

Glad you guys had fun.. .Love the cabin and wish I could go with you ..
I am going to CHINA with Sindy in 60 days.... whooohoooo..
HUGZ.. go to my blog and give me suggestions ... it is about 5 post down...

alawcrew said...

I LOVE your blog. So glad I found it. You are my kinda people ;)

Anne said...

Oooh I wish I had a La Cabin to go to! Enjoy, enjoy!