December 9, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, friends!

How did that happen?  How did all this hustle and bustle catch up on us?  I feel like I blinked and my year is over.  What’s up with that?

Meanwhile, look how big these two are getting:  I can’t stand it!

Santa 12-4-12

I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed by all of it…by the constant aging of my babies (I’ve told them to stop – they are not obeying!), my own aging (gag me with a spoon) and the increasing awareness I have that it all goes by so fast.  Christmas upon Christmas, year upon year – I am overcome by the ever pressing reality:  we only get one pass through for all of this.  Even my parents, who continue to age without my permission (I’ve asked them to kindly “knock it off”), but to no avail.  I've tried to explain that I’m going to need them for many, many more years!

With those thoughts at the forefront of my mind, I find myself wanting more and more to engage fully in each precious moment.  My mother used to say to me “enjoy it baby…it goes by so quick” and my dad would tell me “it goes by so fast…like a blink”.  And maybe I just tucked that reality somewhere in the back of my mind, or my heart…and I let it sit there because I was too busy in the “now” to pay much attention to it. 

I think I might understand, or I’m starting to.  Friends, I promise you…yesterday…YESTERDAY…they were babies and I was in the throes of life with infants, bottles, diapers, and teething rings.

Today I’m buried in ABC’s, counting 1-10, all the “why mommy” questions, and toddler tantrums.

Soon, I’ll be helping them fill out college applications or letting them venture out to find their own way in this big world. 

I’m not particularly looking forward to that day…but I know this much: I want to soak up all the moments between then and now.

Look at these two…

Santa II 12-4-12

They’re just spectacular…they make Jolly Old Saint Nick look gooooood!  Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss a single minute of the good, the great, the bad, the sad, and the amazing of their journeys?

I think so too…

Goodness, I am grateful He chose me to love them.


Unknown said...

I just love reading your blogs, but sometimes I find myself holding back the tears. Time does by so fast, too fast. It was just a year or so ago (in my memory) that we were meeting for lunch each week or planning a trip somewhere or crying over some silly boy. And now, only a year or two or ten later its gone, and even though it seems Like not so long ago it also seems like such a long time ago and I miss you every day probably because I have so many pictures around me of you guys. I love and miss you so much and I know how much it aches you to be so far away from the rest of your family, but it makes each time we all get together that much sweeter. I sure hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I am also hoping for a miracle that this is the year that Catie and I get to come back there to visit. The kids are only going to keep getting bigger and bigger and as much as you dislike it, I dislike it too. Big kiss my sweet wonderful sister and a huge hug from Catie and me to each of you.

Ms. Pollywog said...

I am starting to feel this way. In the throes of infant neediness and adjusting to life with a baby, sometimes it all felt so overwhelming. But now that it's my new normal (and that my little man is sleeping through the night) I find myself wanting to hit pause. He'll be a year old in two months. I could cry thinking about it.

You babies are so, so beautiful. Dare I say, so grown-up looking? Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh......

Anna said...

Aaack!! College applications! I have only have 4.5 more years with my baby girl at home! Waaaaah!!

Paula said...

My goodness! How they have grown!!! Your children, as always, are absolutely beautiful. They simply sparkle! And I have to say, that Santa, is by far, THE best looking Santa I have seen to date! Right down to how he is dressed - love it! You're right, your kids do make him look good! ;-)

I hear you about time going by too quickly. My daughter has been home for eleven months now and the changes never cease to amaze me. New things happen daily. I'm worried if I blink, I'll miss something!

Wishing you all the best this Christmas season and best wishes for the New Year! Here's hoping that things don't pass you by too quickly.

Joanna B said...

So cute...I really do love pictures with Santa! They do grow up so fast, I can almost see little M growing and changing every day. I just want to keep her little forever!