September 7, 2012

The Purge of 2012

So, I’ve been in the purging zone this past week.  There is little more I could tell you that would convey this message better, than just patting you on the back and sending you on a one-way trip down our hallway.  You wouldn't make it back.  Oh no.  Because you’d get lost in the vortex of “Donate This” and “Keepsakes” and bags of shoes, cartons of toys, and games missing far to many pieces to be useful to anyone – anywhere.  This is deadly, people.  Small animals could get lost in this mess.  And it should stress me out.  Instead I’m breathing.  It feels good to accomplish something that is overdue.  Feels like a big honking relief.  So for now, I’ll continue to ram my bare toes into odds and ends lining the hall – and I’ll continue to trip over piles upon piles of gobbledy goop.  Because it means that room by room, we are becoming a LESS IS MORE house. 
One down…

One to go…
(feel my pain, people…The Avengers, all things small and useless,
random pieces of paper, and McDonalds toys threw up in here)

At least they’re SUPER cute when they make these messes together, eh?  Oy!

Anyone else feel like purging and moving furniture around?  Just me?  I’m in the ZONE.


Cate said...

I recently read "7" by Jen Hatmaker. I haven't purged enough yet, but we are getting there. We went from 2000 to 1200 square feet in a move recently including no garage. This from a girl who bikes and kayaks. Why, yes, we do have a kayak hanging in our living room! But purging is very freeing.

Suz said...

I keep thinking we can just move to a bigger house and that will fix it :) But alas, that is not happening, so maybe I will steal some of your motivation - CXH's closet still has bags from her showers - can't believe I just admitted that!

crazy said...

Christie - It looks AWESOME!!! I love the paint in Kiera's room. It is so pretty and unusual. I'm in the mood to purge, but it has been a zoo with school and everything else. How are things going with the meds and stuff? Hope you all are good. AnnC in TN