November 19, 2011

A Special Request

I know it’s been a while…like 8 days or something nuts.  And I’ve said every day that I was going to come on here and update and share some pictures – because there’s a lot happening.  Fall Festivals, Thanksgiving programs at school, our wonderful and way too short visit with my brother and his amazing wife, our foray into Caramel Apple making, too much laundry and way too many dishes (yes, that’s a real post that I have in the wings), a certain little boy who turned four this week – and his mama (stop, I’m blushing) who turned whasafasafusashe (age who must not be named here).  So much to tell, so many pictures to share…and that’s not even to mention our 30 Days of Giving & Thanks Challenge that we’re smack dab in the middle of – or my glorious confession about how we kind of fell down on that a bit this past week.  That’s not even to mention my amazing and wonderful and Joy of my heart Mom, who has a birthday tomorrow.  (Happy Birthday, Momma…I love you so…)

Because more important than all of this…and sitting at the top of my heart’s list, is our sweet son, Quint.


Quint is having surgery Monday morning.  As in, less than 48 hours from now.  Please don’t worry – this has been a long time coming.  But it involves lots of little things that need fixing, and we’re anxious and relieved and hopeful and scared and encouraged and feeling trepidation.   And without regaling the entire tale – I will merely say this for now: little man is our heart.  He is pure sunshine and any of you who have met or spent time with him, know this to be true.  His mega-watt smile lights up a room, and he truly touches those who know him.  He’s a rascal – no doubt.  But his affection and honest happy spirit knows no bounds.  All the more reason why we are longing to see these issues resolved, once and for all. 

We have pinned very high hopes on this surgery, and that in and of itself leaves us feeling vulnerable.  There are, it feels, innumerable issues that could be resolved simply by a successful surgery.  On the other hand, we are well aware that some things just might not change at all.  And that leaves us feeling like we’re walking on murky water. 

I know this might seem a bit cryptic – and I don’t mean to be, I’m just being protective.  Post-op, I might feel more apt to sharing.   I just want to implore you to pray for Quint this week.  This week’s Thanksgiving celebration is so apropos, as we are so thankful for our son’s life and his contagious joy.  We are thanking the Lord that we were chosen to be Quint’s parents.  We're leaning on the goodness and mercy of God – who we trust implicitly with our son’s life and we're praying that three years of struggle, questions, sickness and discomfort might finally be at an end. 

Would you pray for us?  It would mean so very much



frogglet said...

Keeping him and your family in our prayers!

Nila said...

Christie, please call us after surgery and let us know how things went. We love Quint and he is such a special little person. Please tell him Nina and Papa love him and will be praying for him.
I've had my tonsils out and that came out ok. I remember having a terrible sore throat and wanted lots of ice cream, etc., so expect that. As for the other things, I don't have experience with that, all of you kids did good on that (not having to have ear tubes, etc.) but he will be fine and YOU will too. Just remember God is at the reigns and he loves that little guy also. I would say take a book (you should anyway) but you won't read it, because I know you, you will be to concerned. That's ok, but take something, OK? Call me if you need to talk, or cry or pray, I'm here for you. I love you sweetie, and thanks for the Happy Birthday here, and the card. I love them both. Talk to you soon, Mom

Wendy in OH said...

you got it! praying the Great surgeon guides the surgeon's hands to do their work!

Anna said...

Yes! Praying for peace and success!

Unknown said...

Count me in for prayers. Cryptic or not I'll be praying.

Anne said...

Dear Christie,
Coming out of lurkdom to send lots of prayers for your sweet boy! You have a beautiful family :)

Young Creations said...

You got is sister!!! I am praying, thinking, sending more positive thoughts than you can imagine. Sweet adorable boy is gonna get tons of air hugs from me.

Kayce said...

Your boy is in our prayers Anton and Christie!

Ashley said...


Lynda said...

Praying now that all goes smoothly today, for your peace and quick, complete healing. God bless.