November 7, 2011

Giving & Thanks–Day 7

30 Days of Giving and Thanks

I don’t have much to report today, except this: I have always said that I prefer to give gifts rather than receive them.  It just does something for me.  Fills me up.  I don’t even know.  So this challenge has given me this rush of “giving” – even if it’s something small – and I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It doesn't hurt that it's Fall...and leaves are all over the yard, the cool weather has settled in, rain is falling..oh and also, my house smells like Sugar Cookies…but that’s a whole other story about scented wax and my new obsession (because I’m always late to the trend party).  Meanwhile, if you’re not signed up to participate in 30 Days of Giving & Thanks, maybe you should consider it?  Not too late – only one week in!  You can read all about this month’s challenge by clicking the Tab above labeled “Challenges”. 

Meanwhile?  You can’t handle the cute. 
I’m just sayin’.  No one, and I mean no one, can rock a “purse hat” like my baby… 
Dare to disagree.

IMG_7632-rev  IMG_7612-rev
IMG_7615-rev  IMG_7626-rev

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Anna said...

She is such a doll!! And don't worry...I'm always late to the trend party.