November 26, 2011

Re-Cap ~ Part One

So, re-caps are not really my thing.  I just don’t love the whole “here was our day” or our week, month, etc.  I like reading them for all of you, but not writing them for myself.  (yes, that’s a fact…I read your blog)  But I think in this case – just because I’m so far behind I will officially never (I say, never) catch up – perhaps I can break my own rule for once.  

Breaking it down in two parts…it’s that bad:

First of all – Quint’s surgery went great, and I have a post brewing about that whole experience.  He did so amazing…what a trooper!  He is doing fabulous– but still in pain, and prone to some crankiness.  We’re managing that with his meds, and we’re hopeful that he’ll be back to his normal happy self within another week.

Post op and at home…he was alert and amazing!

Thanksgiving was wonderful!  We were able to relax and have an incredible meal – and our little guy did great (albeit on a diet of ice-cream and popsicles!)  We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and were able to spend some quality time with friends who took care of us!  What a blessing!!


My Brother & His Better Half Visited:  OK, I could write a book about my little brother and his amazing wife and our way-too-short four days together.  They are such a great couple and they take such good care of their niece and nephew.  We had a fabulous time while they were here – and I have to say, we were very sad to see them go.  The kids ADORE them, as does Big Sis.  We tried to do as much as we could while they were here, but I feel like we left so much out. Boo hoo!  It couldn’t be helped  - we were busy celebrating birthdays, ahem…


Because Someone turned 4: Yes, I can’t believe it.  Don’t get me started.  Cough.  Seriously.  I will cry.  Tears have been shed.  I’m not sure what happened, but I blinked and he’s four.  Friends, do you remember when he was like this tiny little thing?  Me too.  And ouch.  It hurts…but I’m so darn proud of him!  We started the day with balloons and streamers everywhere.  Then Birthday Donuts (Quint’s choice!) and SpiderMan cupcakes for school.  Then it was off to Freddy’s for burgers, fries, and chocolate sundaes, and back home to play with the amazing presents he got showered with from his Aunt and Uncle.  Are you seeing a theme here?  Lots of chocolate.  Quint’s LOVE LANGUAGE.


What I adore here is that each and every present got the same level of excitement.  He was genuinely so stinkin’ happy with everything he got.  I love these faces – they really show what a joyful boy he is.

IMG_7910   IMG_7923   IMG_7948

December’s Challenge: Ok, I’ll talk about Giving & Thanks in the next post – but I wanted to remind all of you that December’s challenge “31 Days of Goodwill” is coming this week!  The good news about this challenge is that you have only four tasks and they can be customized to fit your personality.  Here is the gist again:  

31 Days of Goodwill

I’m taking four baby-steps back to the meaning of Christmas – which for our family is all about a wonderful gift that had no bow, no wrapping, but cost more than money could ever purchase. The birth, life, love and forgiveness of a perfect lamb…Jesus.  

Now, I realize, that may not be your personal conviction – but it certainly lends me to want more out of Christmas for my kids than a frenzy of desire, followed by inevitable meltdowns. No, I want more for them. I want more for us. Does this mean we won’t decorate a tree or hang a stocking or sip eggnog? No. However, this does mean that this year we are going to find FOUR WAYS to spread GOODWILL and try to reconnect to our fellow man – our neighbors, our community, our church family, and yes – even to our world. Each act will take a different form, and I’m not sure what that will look like – it could be caroling to our neighbors and delivering cookies, serving food at the local shelter, volunteering in Children’s church, and sponsoring an orphanage in Africa. I don’t know. But I have hope that with each act, we will have a little part of restoring the brotherhood of mankind…just enough to wet our heart for more.
There will be a signup Mr. Linky on the 1st of December for those of you looking to participate and blog about it too! 
Part Two Update coming!!
Miss all of you wonderful people…feels like I'm so out of sync with writing - miss it!!


Paula said...

Thrilled to hear that Quint is doing so incredibly great and well on the road to recovery! What a blessing. I've been checking in daily in hopes of more news. Love the family pic!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the update. Happy Birthday to Quint! I didn't realize that his and Joshua's birthdays were so close together.