November 5, 2011

Day 5–Giving & Thanks

Oh let me just tell you…I am LOVING this Giving & Thanks Challenge.  When AB and I discussed who we would like to express our gratefulness to – we had such a big list, we realized we might have to scale back a bit – now, that was definitely a bonus.  Realizing how many people you have in your life to be thankful for?  Realizing how much you want to let them know that?  Wondering why you maybe hadn’t taken the time before this challenge?  Yeah…eye opening!

Meanwhile, it’s my turn to give these two beauties away…and I am so excited!  I know just who I want to have them.  Also, just knowing we’ve committed to more of those to the people we appreciate – it’s making me kind of bubble over…no pun intended.  

Can I just tell you how much more satisfying it is to take the focus off of yourself and put it onto others?  It is.  Satisfying and a relief.  And Fun.  Did I mention fun?  Because hello…it’s not all about us for a whole month – and I am so stinking glad for it.  We’re boring anyway…this is way more rewarding…


If you haven’t signed up, you can do so in the previous post, and leave a comment so I know you put your hat in.  People, this is too fun to pass up.  I have so many ideas swirling around in my noggin – and I only have 25 days left to make them happen for this challenge.  

Oh wait…maybe this could be one of those life changes that makes me realize what I need more of in my heart and in my life…"giving” and being “thankful” and not just as a monthly challenge.  

{see this is part where we all agree that this is, in fact, the WHOLE POINT of the challenges – to produce a long term change by way of discipline for a short time}

You in?  How can you not be?

Moving on – you have to {I say, you have to} see my daughter in her Halloween goodness.  You have to.  She is just DELICIOUS in every sense of the word.  I mean, could you not eat her up?  I want to.  In fact, I did!  Except she told me to just eat “a wittle bit, mommy”.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Help a sister out – I can’t help myself!!!  {admit it…you want a nibble too, don’t you?!}  The apple cheeks?  To die for! 

Here’s what I’m thankful for….this amazing, wonderful, bright, happy, smart, and funny little girl who I get to call my daughter….


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Anna said...

You are doing so well!! I feel so behind in this challenge! Gotta get my rear in gear!! Keep up the good work!