October 1, 2011

Happy October

So yes.  It’s true.  I love October.  I love Halloween.  And I love trick-or-treating with my kids.  Because I love dressing up and being silly, and eating too much candy.  And I have a deep affinity for caramel apples that I can hardly explain.  Warm, gooey, buttery caramel.  Oh my drool….

And so you get to enjoy my Happy October Blog Theme!  Fun, fun fun…

Note ** Just be ready for this here blog theme to change every month through February – far too many designs rolling around in my head for all these fun holidays!!  Can’t contain.  Must design.

I’m happy to report that the Blog Design business is still in full force.  And I’ve been so lucky to have the best clients with the most beautiful taste!  If you need a new bling-a-ding look for the coming holiday season, I’ll be thrilled to hook you up! 

You can visit me HERE to place your order for a fresh, new look!

Come see some of my latest designs like these:

Header - 5

Header - 4

Header 5-2

Header - 1

Header -3

Happy October to all of you wonderful people!

P.s. Be sure to read the post below to see how we finished strong with 30-Days of Nothing and to learn about October's Challenge 30-Days of "no defense"!

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