March 19, 2010

Whew Moments

So here's the thing; I don't know about you, but I tend to find myself having more and more "whew" moments the older I get.  You know, like "with age comes wisdom" and all that hubbely bubbely hindsight is 20-20 stuff.  Case in point:

Whew...sure am glad I got all that grocery shopping done today, because it's gonna snow tomorrow.  (No, literally.  Snow.  It was 70 today.  Gorgeous.  Now?  Snow.  Monday?  70 again.  So, I'm whew, but I'm also grrr.)

Whew...good thing I saved those size 2 diapers, because it turns out soandso's new baby could use them, even though Sister Pudgy could not.  And I say that with affection.  Because she's a dear, sweet, adorable, yet slightly pudgy baby girl.  And she's all all her size 4 diaper-goodness.

Whew...looks like it's time to dye those roots again.  Gray shining through?  Holla...

Whew...I'm so over exercising.  Seriously.  Over it.  And I have an ever so lovely adorable bearable tolerable enlarged hourglass figure to prove it.

Whew........(that's all, I was just short of breath.  It happens with old age)

And this morning, when I least expected it...a big "whew"...swept over me without warning when I walked into my kitchen and saw this:

and just like that, I was inwardly thanking God. Remembering that stupid mistake I made that He helped me to correct all those 15 years ago.

That time when, foolishly, I accepted the proposal of a man who was clearly not "the one".  Everyone knew it.  Even I knew it.  Still, there I was - 20 and engaged to Mr. Terribly Wrong For Me.  

And maybe there's another post in there about moving across the country to prove myself right, only to end up proving myself wrong.  About making bad choices full of pride.  About learning the oh-so-very-hard-way that allowing just anyone access to your heart comes with such staggering life lessons - those I would rather have avoided in so many ways.  Maybe that's a post that will need to be written.

Still, in this moment...this particular "whew" moment...I thought to myself:

Thank you for this wonderful man who wakes up every day and chooses to love me - even when I'm a tad unlovable.  

Thank you that he loves his wife and children and takes the time to cherish them.  That he sees our unique charms and dotes on us, each one in different ways.  

That he was found sitting on the floor of our kitchen, having cereal with our bright, happy, inquisitive little boy - and a couple of Backyardigans too, it seems.  

That it seems nothing is too inconvenient for him when it comes to loving us.  Nothing too big, nothing too small, nothing too difficult.  He just loves us through and through and takes joy in finding ways to show it.

and I almost missed that.  Could have.  Would have.  Were it not for the grace of God!

Whew...that I married him.  That I was smart enough to make a good choice that ultimately brought a wonderful man and these two beautiful babies into my life.  

That he loved me back...

Just whew....

You know what I mean?


julie said...

Oh Christie, I am reading this already knowing that AB went to the hospital this same night...I am praying.

Diana said...

What a cute picture:)
Love the table for 2 (or is it 4:)
Have a great weekend!!

Kim said...

LOVE this .. I could write a book about my whew moments.. and the bad choices that came with them..
But I truly think that everything happens for a reason . not sure why mine are sooo difficult but they seem to make me stronger..
Love the photo..
Have a great weekend..

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I know exactly what you mean! I thank God everyday for the hubby he gave me! We're blessed!


Renea Lynch said...

Know exactly what you mean..... whew! :)

Valerie said...

AB went to the hospital???? I have been out of the loop.

Is all ok?

I miss you.

Love Valerie

John & Michelle said...

So glad I found your blog again...don't know how I lost you? Love your writing and mostly your HONESTY!!! It's always best to just be real, no matter what the subject. Your honesty here has helped me to deal with a tough situation in my own life and just take it one step at a time!

Kristi said...

Lovin the "sister pudgy" nickname - much nicer than our "baby buddah". Our cutie was 23 mos at adoption - we've been home and she's grown 3" but put on 7.8 lbs! We need spring/summer to get here - poor kiddo has to have her pants rolled up a few times due to the 24 mos waist & 12 mos legs.

Karrie said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Oh and WHEW! I'm so glad I found your blog!!! :)


Anonymous said...

:) Very nice!