March 22, 2010


He's 2.  And with that age, for him anyway, came lots of difficult transitions.  Namely, a sister.  Sharing his parents.  Lots of learning.  Speaking.  Introduction to the world of potty training.  More freedom.  Less freedom.  More energy.  Less sleeping.  New toys.  Sharing old toys with his new sibling.  Learning more boundaries.  Acquiring new skills.  Transitioning to a big-boy bed.  On and on and on.

I think it goes without saying (though I appear to be saying it anyway) that he's in constant learning mode...changing every day...discovering.  Heavy duty transition.  This is all normal.

And maybe that is what I'll remind myself tomorrow when he throws himself on the ground for the umpteenth time, flailing his arms and legs and whining in the highest pitch possible.  Or when he dumps his bowl of cereal on the table.  Drops his spoon or cup (on purpose).  Jumps on his train table.  Throws a toy at his sister.  Tackles the dog while she's sleeping.  Climbs onto my computer desk and shouts "Yaaay!  Up!"  Climbs in his sisters bed and throws her things out of it.  Pulls all the books off his bookshelf.  Opens the fridge and removes whatever he thinks he needs, in bulk.  Spits out his lunch. dinner. and breakfast.  Grabs my cell-phone and dials Japan, telling them "Me?  Pablo?  Doc?  Lightening?  (as in Backyardigans and Cars...sigh) 

I'll remind myself that he's only 2.

That he's in the middle of so many changes, many and most of which are just a part of growing up.

That this too shall pass.

And that he's 2.  Did I say that already?

I would remind myself that I love him to moon and back, except I never forget that part...



frogglet said...

Two is a rough age but you will both make it through. just repeat that during the flailing :0)

Valerie said...

I hear ya

I hear ya

Good Lord I hear Y A.

Love V

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

And what a cute 2 year old he is! I love the age of 2....little sponges! :)


JonesEthiopia said...

I have a 2 year old and a 13 month old. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Life is a challenge around here, too!

S.Wise said...

I am still stuck at ONE! I can't even imagine...and when I try, it makes me want to pass out! :)

Kim said...

you guys will get through it but he is showing his personality..
every age has something .. .
boys will be boys.. I soo remember.. but all of htem are different.
Love the photos..

Eloise said...

Yikes! Hard to believe that precious boy could raise such a ruckus! But, yes, I remember the age of two (and Vivian was stuck there developmentally for about seven years - that was fun). I would eliminate the changes you can (like the potty training and big boy bed) and let him adjust to his new sister before throwing any other curve balls at the cute little guy.

One piece of advice someone gave me was to tell the new baby sometimes, "I'm sorry, Keira. You're going to have to wait while I fix Quint's lunch, or put on Quint's new movie, etc." So often you have to tell him to wait while you do something for her; it's nice for him to know that she has to wait for him sometimes too.

Just remember that this too shall pass. Before you know it you'll be waiting up for your 18-year-old son who's out past his curfew when Dallas has had a sudden snowfall, whom you hesitate to call or text for fear that might imperil his driving, and then balancing being relieved that he's home safely and trying to play human breathalyzer to make sure he hasn't been drinking. Not that I would know about such, but I've heard...

Chalk Inscriptions said...

Hi Christie - I so hear ya! I would have sent this to you on FB, but I am fasting it this week. Praying for things about our adoption, but I will link it here so you can have a good laugh knowing you are so not alone in this challenging age of two!!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Two is kicking my butt, here also. But the little, "I neeee hug" and the "Up, Mommy" with little arms thrown around my neck remind me that it's just a season. And my 15 year old studying the driver's manual for this summer's big b'day reminds me that the seasons are all too short. Too short, indeed.