March 10, 2010

Chit chat

I have a billion things running around in my noggin.  A billion, gazillion things - none the least of which is to remember to throw out the dirty diapers tonight.  Ugh.  Isn't that charming?

But I do want to chat with you all about a lot of those gazillion things...problem is this:  I wait to blog until after the children are in bed.  Sad thing is this:  It's really my bedtime too.  Equals = I'm too tired to type it all out.

Admit it...he could charm your socks off and you know it

So sad.  I'm getting old.  I used to be able to stay up til' like...I don't know..3 or 4 am.  And then I used to be able to sleep til' like...1 or 2pm.  ......see, that's just stupid.  Who does that?  Oh yes, teenagers with absolutely no cares or worries whatsoever.  That's who.  Let me sob in my soup for a bit over those days...especially since both my husband and children seem to think that sleeping til' 7am is equal to "wasting the day away".  I die. I die.


I have received an enormous amount of support, kindness, encouragement, and generous advice over my most recent three-part series.  WOWZA!  I think there were also several links put out there to these posts - because my stats went through the roof into the thousands.  I'm honored, truly.  So a huge hug and thank you for all the kindness sent our way.  What a wonderful relief to have our story received so well by so many.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Here's my $.02 - if it helps speaking the truth...then it's worth typing it out.  I think we met that goal.  

It's ok, you can stare.  I do.  All day.  Those two teeth?  Those toes?  Pfshaw.

There is a post I'm working on about the fund-raising we did to help bring Keira home.  First, to encourage those who need to do the same, and second, to share some thoughts I had about the whole process and how we met our goals.  I hope you'll hang around to catch it, because it's also one of those "love it or hate it" topics.  Oh, the hate mail I got - you would not believe. Or maybe you would?  Or maybe you sent some to me?  Ha!  Oughta bring up some good comments and conversations...mmm mmm good.

I'm also working on a topic about something I'm struggling with as an adopted mother of now two children.  I'm hearing and reading way too much about child trafficking from both countries and even down to the province we've adopted from.  It has stirred up a lot of emotions in me - and I'm going to turn that into good blogging.  I know you all have opinions about that - so I hope you'll have lots of good feedback for me.

We're heading out of town for Spring Break to visit some family who have yet to meet La Princess.  Oh, and we're driving.  In a car.  Ahem.  Seven hours in said car with a toddler and a baby.  I know, I know.  If the Dugg@rs can do it, so can we.  (snicker) But srrrrrrsly, I'm already planning to leave my mind behind, because I figure it'll be better to know where I lost it than spend those seven hours wondering where it went.  Srrrrrrrrrrrsly, right?  

Flattered.  That's what I am.  I have received LOADS of e-mails, comments, etc. asking me to write a book about my experience in adoption (x's 2).  There is even a fan-page on Facebook of those that think I should write a book.  What the...  Do you believe that?  (who am I kidding, I probably started that'll never know!) Um.  Alrighty then.  I should write this book in all my spare time, I guess?  Well, I guess if you want to send your best-friend, the publisher, my link, then by all means.  Please do.  Link away. 

She had this baby comb in her mouth...and I thought it would be fun to share it.  So did she, it turns out.

Oh, and I love LOST.  OMG.  I love it.  Guilty pleasure number 1,423.  I. Love. It.  and Jack.  ahem.  and Sawyer.  but I digress...

and we don't have cable anymore.  I mean, that is to say, we canceled it back a ways because cable is expensive and we're living La Vida Poor.  Which is to say, we're being frugal to accommodate having added La Princess to the fam.  Which is fine.  Actually it's wonderful because we won't spend all that time in front of the TV.  (Hello DVD player - me love you! sssshhhh, our little secret)

But I miss me some Hoarders.  Can you even stand that madness?  Hoarders is like crack for obsessive compulsive people to watch. (that's me)  We have to watch it so we can mentally and simultaneously go crawling up the wall AND re-organize in our minds.  This goes here.  That goes there.  Throw that away.  LEMME AT EM.  (shaky...feeling shaky)  I miss The Office.  I miss Hannah Montana.  Errrr, I mean...I miss Disney Channel.  For the kids.  No, really...sort of.  Tell me Billy Ray is not cute!  I defy you to tell me he's not!  (oh, i crack myself up sometimes...)  

Ok, ok...enough chit chat.  But wasn't it like we just had a little cup o' joe/chocolate/Dr. Pepper and smashed around this idea and that?  Look how fun we are together!

see, now I've got the song in my head

you get the limo out front...
(ew oh oh)
hottest styles, every shoe every color
yeah when you're famous it can be kinda fun
it's really you but no one ever discovers...

Sing it Miley!


Kayce said...

Lovin the chit chat! My blog time too is at some gawd awful time of the night or is just not! So far I have posts coming out the wazooo but can never finish them! Someday!

Your three part series will help so many more than just are a blessing to those who think they are alone.

julie said...

1. Great pictures!!
2. I have never thought Billy Ray was cute.
3. A trip...already?!
4. Have a great time!
5. When are you coming to Cali?

Single PAP said...

i just love your blog, seriously! i absorb every word about your adoption journey. a book is a GREAT are a terrific writer!

Joan said...

True story.... for Mother's Day last year the girls and I went to Miley's movie. I cried during it a father daughter moment in the movie... my kids just shook their heads at me. I even have a couple songs from that movie on my ipod. :-)

Stacey said...

You made me smile today!

jackie said...

Thanks for making me smile on this gloomy Thursday morning! :)

Karrie said...

Love reading you!
Thanks for baring and sharing.
Oh... and your kids are ridiculously cute!

Karrie in IN

Mom said...

Christie, it's ok if you don't print this. YOU are a riot!! Who put you on fast forward, with only a quick breath or two? Moma felt like she was on a ferris wheel, out of control. You sure put the sun in my day (even though it's still dark right now, sorry : )
I can see why you have such a huge following, because for the most part, your posts are a hoot, and we need that in this crazy world we are living in right now. I love reading "anything" you write, so I guess I'm a "given".
Anyway loved the post, love LOST, love the guys too, the toes, the little man and I'm a HORDER addict, love it, can't understand it, but love it.
Love you too sweetie!

Lynn said...

Hi Cristie,

I am a new reader here. I love your honesty about adoption. We adopted our daughter in 06 and are starting the journey again, stepping out in faith, we will have to fundraise for most of the money. I am looking foward to your post on this.


The Gang's Momma! said...

Wow. We covered so much conversational territory that my coffee got cold :)

Way to leave us begging for more - all the topics you are "planning to write about" are so intriguing. I can't wait.

And I put up a post today that I think you and hubby might enjoy. I mean, you seem like the kind of folk that think like that about your parenting. It's good stuff by a gal I love. You should stop by.

In all your spare time, I mean :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I admit it, you had me singing the Hannah Montana theme with your words! :)

We got rid of our cable too! Life is better now though, seriously! :)

And I totally agree that your little guy could charm anyone...he oozes charm and your princess...well what can I say...look at that smile!


Have a great day!

Cate said...

Dumped the cable too. It was creaping up to the $100 mark. Not worth it.

I love your adoption posts and the honesty of it all. We're getting married in June and then I want to adopt as soon as we can. I told him on our first date I wanted to, and he's game which is a relief.

Oh, and I've watched some HM myself and have no children. Then father/daugther song in the movie had me tearing up. Stupid folks at Disney.

living4him5 said...

Great post! I am soooo grateful to have found you! What province is your daughter from??? I've been heartbroken about the child trafficking for several years, looking forward to your post on it. My daughter Linzhi is from Nanjing and my daughter waiting for us is in Wuhan. Keep up the inspiration!!

Many blessings,
Amy <><

Anna said...

You're so funny! I love it! Your children are beautiful!!! Maybe someday I can meet them and you. Larry can't be the only one in this family who gets the privilege of knowing you!

(By the way, I DVR Hoarders AND Hannah Montana. Maybe I'll figure out a way to share it with you.) :o)

Anonymous said...

Christie, go to and you will be able to see whatever show you want, hoarders as well I am sure, or try or just type in the show you missed in your search engine and it will probably come up and you can watch it.
Then, try getting Dragon Speak, then you can just talk and the computer will type for you. It is wonderful. We used to have it for typing reports, now Mark records and I type, back then it had a hard time understanding medical terms. Anyway, that's my 2 cents, love you tons

Holly said...

I came here on a link, am linking on my own blog b/c what you wrote is a MUST READ for all PAP's and AP's alike...AND my awesome friend Tonggu Momma is going to link to you on Sunday and she is a fab adoptive Mommy who has a great gear up're going to get more traffic! And that's the kind of trafficking you wanna see.
Don't get me started about child trafficking. Okay, do..go ahead. Makes me mad enough to spit!
I know the feeling of thinking it couldn't happen to us....surely not...surely not if we adopt special needs, right? RIGHT?
I look forward to your posting on the subject.
Enjoy the trip. Remember, life's not really about the's all about the journey!

Holly from Purpose Driven Family

Holly said...

I am officially linking to your blog posts about the Beginning, middle and the End tonight.
Thanks again for being real. So long as you keep posting pictures of your adorable kiddos people will keep coming...even if you develop writer's block one of these days :) I'm just sayin... you know? :)

meme said...

Just got my Christy fix.
Love the pictures.
From your Kentucky Friend

Alyson said...

Hey there!

I'm pretty new to blogging but I found your page from Nicole on The Baker's Sweets. I loved your 3 part posts and seriously hope that you did not get any negative comments. I feel like this blogging thing is for us to share, learn, and support. We are NOT here to judge. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the truth! I'm hoping to start our adoption process this year and OH the things I have learned from you and those who tell it like it is!! THANK YOU!!

I'm very interested in the fundraising topic. I totally don't get the hate mail thing. I hope you give lots of details!!

And by the way, you kiddos are sooooo cute!!!

I could link you to my page, but no one reads my blog!! one day! =)

Keep doin' whatcher doin'!! I enjoy your page and look forward to more posts.

Take care,

Holly said...

Just read your 3 part story and today's post. So happy for you all that things are going so well. And seriously, that is one CUTE baby!!!! I don't doubt that you kiss those cheeks ALL DAY LONG! I think I might find out where you live so that I can come kiss on them a little bit. ; ) Thank you for your story. It does need to be told.

Tricia said...

Dear Christie, your blog is such a help to us while we wait to travel on the 24th. I love how honest you are about the bonding and tough time you had and we will have. I was hoping you could stop by our blog to see the necklaces we are raffling off to help with the last bit we need before travel. We were going to do the t-shirt sale, but never finished the paperwork. My husband loves the shirt I got him but doesn't think he needs to wear it everywhere (yeah he does). He gets so many compliments from it (fatherhood requires love not dna).
Thank you again for keeping it real and helping us prepare.

Tricia Stringer