March 4, 2010


Ok, so I'm working on "The Ending", Part III of my recent adoption experience.  It's not that I have writers block - it's that technically it's a book.  So I'm paring it down and trying to remember that as with my own life, there are only so many hours in the day for any of you to actually read through this stuff...and since like me, many of you probably follow several other blogs and websites...well, I'm paring.  

Also, I'm tired.  My blogging time is limited to after children around these here parts meet their pillows, which has been around 8pm.  By the time that's done, dinner is cleaned up, last minute chores are snuffed out, I get a few intelligible adult sentences in with the hubs, and my pj's are on (ok, let's be honest...the pj's were already on.  ok,  fine! they were never off from the night before.  nosy.)  I'm too tired to do what I'm doing right now.  Ahem.  I keep thinking "tonight is the night I'll finish it" and tonight isn't.  And neither was last night.  Based on the current agenda for tomorrow, it doesn't look good.  Sorry.  (like as if you're waiting with baited breath, eh?)  But I did promise it, and I will make good on that very soon...give me a couple more days. 

Also, I'm trying to purge the heck out of this place.  I'm not sure if I have cabin fever or Spring fever, but I have a major itch to rid the house of all things lame and unnecessary that are cluttering up my life and what little precious space I have left in this tiny abode.  We are crammed unceremoniously into each and every room, and I'm (double sigh) tired of it.  I think perhaps it's the nice weather - but it makes me want to slap on a pair of capris (livin' dangerous, I tell ya!) and throw my way too short hair up in a pony and get to cleaning.  And purging.  Purging and cleaning.  

Know what's annoying?  We just had that huge rummage sale, but I feel like I have tons more stuff to get rid of.  How is that even possible, I ask myself.  I'll tell you how.  Because once Keira came home and we had a handle on her age/size/etc. I knew what we could keep vs. what could go.  Clothes seem to be the big-one.  They are everywhere.  Just everywhere.  So I've made it through the kid's closets and dressers and now we can decide what to do with all that.  

And here's a little diddy for the moms out there:  I asked AB what I should do with all those clothes currently littering our hallway.  Donate?  Give to a friend?  What about consignment?  Yeah, that's a great idea!

But his answer?  Totally deadpan and serious as a freaking heart-attack?

"You probably better save all those clothes for our next one..."

Cough!  Sputter!  Uh-huh....I'll get right on that, O Captain, my Captain

I'm gonna be a freaking vegetable by the time my kids are like, 12 or something.  Gonna need a  lift on the van and a ramp at the house during the high-school years as it is, just to get my old decrepit self up to the front door.

Would someone puuuhlease get over here and advise that lovely man of mine on the grace period after bringing home a new child...that magic "no-fly" zone of conversation where we don't even murmur, breath, or hint about that for a very long time?  Holy Cow.  Maybe not for you, but for me?  I'm not ready to talk about that yet.  Or even whisper about it, for crying out loud.  

After all, I have a post in the wings titled "The Ending" and I'm not just talking bout' the experience,  Criminy!  Meh.  Gah!  Why'd he have to go and say that?  I might lose my ever lovin' mind just pondering what he's implying.  Did you read my last two posts?  He was there for all that mayhem.  What makes him so resilient, I would love to know?!? 

Well, then again...they are pretty spectacular...maybe they make him resilient...







Mmmkay.  It's ridiculous...I know...and I can't even take credit for how ridiculously cute they are's certainly not my DNA.  

Mucho love-o from Camp Tired,


Stefan Bauschard said...

Love this post and love hearing her story as it unfolds--looking forward to part 3...seems like I was just reading about your journey to Quint..time flies.. ~ Holly

Marcie said...

Maybe AB is in the euphoric part of labor-- after the baby comes and you forget the pain... for a minute-- till recovery LOL.

I am actually waiting with baited breath to ready your story. You are a gifted writer.

BUT I am also realistic, and quite honestly-- don't know how you do it. So I will wait a little longer for the ending... you've got babies, and babies don't stay babies for long!! Enjoy them!!

Valerie said...

Whaaaat did he say???? Somebody call the police, cuz that man izzzzz crazzzzy Fer schizzzle.

I am right there with you..1:15 in the am and still doing chores.

Great pictures of the wee ones.

Love Valerie

AB said...

I stand by the comment. I love my kids, and I love my wife.

And I LOVE this post - this is funny and exhausting at the same time.

For anyone who reads the comments, I'll give you a brief preview - a teaser may be the better word - about the "Ending": we made a promise. It'll be in the ending ...

I'm pretty sure.

It's another one of those things that is hard to write, I'll bet. But it *is* part of the story.


Emy said...

Oooh... I read the comments and I can't wait to hear what the promise is!!

Love the peek-a-boo pics. How do you get your pictures to post so big?

Shannon said...

You're so funny! I love the pictures!

S.Wise said...

My dear. They are so precious! :) This post made me chuckle. Drew uttered such words recently and I had the same reaction... and I only have ONE baby!

... I have an email coming to you. Sorry it is taking me so long. We haven't been home much and when I am at home I'm so tired I can't form words!! Sorry for the delay... I will get myself together one of these days!

Debbie said...

Looking forward to reading Part III, but understand the need to take your time.

As far as hubby's comment goes, we're the opposite in our house. Hubby is done after #2 and I'm thinking, "hold onto everything in case there is a #3." We're definitely older than you are and have a 2 1/2 year old and soon a 9 month old at home. They keep you young.

frogglet said...

good luck in your purge I have a feeling this weekend will be like that for us. I told Jim that I feel like we live in a sea of laundry and we don't have any kids, how do we wear all these clothes?
You never know what kind of crazy journey life is going to take you on.

Love the Cuties keep posting pictures and I will be happy!

meme said...

Hang in there Mama. They are adorable!! From your Kentucky Friend.

The Gang's Momma! said...

I know you are too deep into the newness and craziness and rawness of it all, but I gotta say, I'm with AB.

Cuz you know, the two ya got? They are CUH RAZEEEEEE cute. CUH RAY ZEEEEE!

But I'll be quiet now. Cuz I'm 18 months away from the spot where you are and I'm the mother of five. So I might not be the best judge of what's a good idea or not :)

Waiting patiently for the next installment. It's gonna be good. I just know it.

Kayce said...

Them are some CUTE kidos!!! Great post and one I can relate to completely...and as for AB's comment, Mike made that comment while we were STILL IN CHINA!!! Oh boy!
HOpe you guys are getting some good sleep and enjoying life!

K~ said...

You go AB! Way to put your request in early before those cute baby clothes are gone! Hee!

Stand back Christie... remember behind every great man is a STRONG powerful woman! I am here for you! Miss you and your family! :)

Mom said...

Besides the kids being cute beyond cute, PLEASE don't throw away your written purges. You are going to need them for your book!!! : )
No really, we want to read the "book" in it's complete form, all purges included!
Really, ladies, don't we demand Christie to write this book about her journey to motherhood? I for one can not wait to read this wonderful book. Please Christie write a book. Don't you see how successful it will be.
I love you sweetie, but you must feed the masses!

Kristy said...

All I have to say is who knows what God's plan is??? I do know one thing HE sure does have a sense of Humor so my advice to you is your better hold on it might be a bumpy ride......LOL!!!!!

Christie I will be right along with you in the wheelchair at the graduations so hey worries!!!!

Love an blessings, Kristy

Deb - said...

A friend told me about your blog, you are a wonderful writer and and an awesome mom. We adopted a 4 yr. old from China in '08 and her pain was so wrenching for the first few months that it was THE HARDEST thing we've ever experienced and we thought we were experienced parents (bio.21 yr. old and 17 yr.old daughters). I think the experience forged us - she is the most wonderful child in the world, she now loves her family almost as much as we love her. We are returning to China (hopefully this summer!) for her 5 yr. old sister. Your honesty is refreshing and needed. Everyone should know and be prepared for how hard it can be and how worth it is in the end. I will be keeping up with your blog to hear the rest! Thanks, Deb from VA