November 18, 2009

Professional Waiter

Person #1:  "What do you do for a living?"

Me:  "Huh?  Oh...I'm a...well's hard to explain."

Person #1:  "Oh, I get between jobs at the moment?  That's pretty common these days...bad economy and all"

Me:  "Yes. I mean no.  I mean ummm, yes it's a bad economy, but I'm a waiter.  A professional waiter"

Person #1:  "Really?  That's cool.  Like, you went to school for it or something?  Which restaurant?"

Me: "Errrr, ahem, sort of.  I don't think you've heard of it"

Person #1:  "I've eaten at almost every place in this town...hit me - I know I've heard of it"

Me:  "Yeah...actually...when I said I was a 'professional waiter', I actually didn't mean the food kind"

Person #1:  Blank stare

Me:  "It's kind of a long story...I've been a "waiter" for about 4 years.  Actually longer.  And I don't serve food.  I serve...umm, impatience.  Yeah.  To myself.  Along with a side of frustration and lack of communication and huge slice of rediculous life-on-hold pie."

I'm a professional waiter. 

We have learned that Keira's referral will not be coming to us this week.

Maybe not even next week.

I'm not actually sure when it will come at this point.  We're hearing rumors all over the place and they're not necessarily of the pleasant variety.  And while we don't particularly hold fast to any one rumor...we do feel somewhat leery of what appears to be a process potentially being put on hold for the moment due to some changes. And please note:  I hope we're wrong.  Dead wrong.  Nothing would make me happier than for those words to be dust in the wind next week while we stare at our little girl's picture.

I don't really know what else to say.  We are disappointed.  There's that.  And it is frustrating and difficult and tiring...after all this time to make it to the proverbial "front of the line" only to be told that we might be waiting a while longer.

Well...we're professional waiters.  So if there is one thing we have become exceedingly good at over these past four's certainly and most definitely...


Don't feel bad for us - please.  There are so many people waiting and waiting in this process.  We are anything but alone.  Certainly you have to be more than dedicated and DETERMINED to adopt from this country in particular.  (Leaving the name out intentionally)  It's the marathon that never ends.  (Again, hope I'm wrong there too)  But you know, it's no use to pity us or for us to pity ourselves.

We have a beautiful boy who is growing and changing before our eyes.  We have our faith in God - who cares over and handles every single thing we are going through and who is surprised by none of it.  Timing is in His hands, not ours.  We have solid friendships with people who support and love us.  We have our family, and our pets.  Life is good...

Just not quite complete...

Hi, my name is Christie...and I'll be your waiter today.

BTW - new post up over at Bringing Keira Home.  The Rummage Sale is THIS WEEKEND!  Whahoo!!


Norma said...

my Isabel has that very same pillow and has had it for 13 + years now
I have a friend waiting on Ethiopia for coming up 2 years and just got her referral for 2 dear little girls and not expecting travel for 8 months.........that's what they told her..........guess we will wait and see
soon come, Mon........or is it Mom?

Briana's Mom said...

It's time for your wait to end. It's just time. I'm sorry. :(

Kayce said...

Waiting right there with you...professionally as well.

frogglet said...

That was hilarious! so true, I am sorry the referrals have been delayed, such a bummer for all of us.
I am thinking of looking for another job this waiter thing isn't quite working out :0)

Debbie said...

I had heard there were changes on the horizon, but didn't know those changes were putting things on hold now. Anyone entering the world of IA needs to be prepared for pretty much anything to happen. If nothing else it keeps us on the edge of our seats. Despite it all, when the adoption journey ends, we tend to discover that it's worked out in ways better than we imagined. It's just frustrating getting to the end of that journey.

NiHao Nepal said...

Unbelievable! What changes are they making?? I would really like to see your little girl's sweet face soon!

Single PAP said...

boo :(

Madeleine said...


All the people who had their Article 5 delivered at the same time we did, and some even a few days later, already receive their TA and one is even traveling TODAY!!!!



Because God is good as well as HIS timing.

And so, maybe we will be waiting the same *table* together. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow professional waiter....isn't it so much easier to wait when you have a liitle one? I tell you if We didn't have our precious Tieren we would cry constantly! Great post.. I love your blog! Lisa V