September 4, 2009

Everyone loves Daddy

We have a sayin' around our house.  Everyone loves Daddy.  

Daddy is a very popular person in our home - and I can't begrudge him that.  Because I'm right there in line with the rest of the crew, ready for attention and doting from AB.

Everyone wants AB's love, attention, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and sweet talk.  Quint.  Me.  Our two puppies, and even Chloe the cat - who swore off all people in the 90's.  

The minute he walks through the door, there's a line vying for his affection.  Quint practically loses his mind when he hears the garage door opening at the end of the day.  The dogs both go monkey - barking and whining, waiting for him to walk through the door.  The cat and I - being distinguished ladies and all - hover toward the back of the pack, trying not to elbow each other aside.

Know why?  Because he's SOOOO extraordinarily good at it.  It comes very easy for him to love people and to show his love for them in grand affectionate gestures.  His love language is touch - and so naturally, he loves to cuddle and give hugs, quick little kisses, and impromptu gestures that melt even the rickety-tickety heart of my 16 year old kitty.  None of us can resist him.  

He gives the best backrubs.  He cooks the most amazing food (every night.  yes, every night).  He loves spending time with us.  He makes us laugh.  He takes an interest in us.  There's almost never a time I can think of, that he hasn't come through the door at the end of the day with genuine excitement to see us and to love on us.  And when I say "us" - I do mean all of us - animals included.  

What's not to love?

Yes, everyone loves Daddy.  And he's got a permanent place as "man of the hour" over here.   And really, that's a warm and lovely thing, isn't it? 

Anabelle, our 8 year old puppy has a long standing love affair with Anton.  From the moment we rescued her as a tiny little thing, she fell hook, line, and sinker for him - and who could blame her?  He spoons with her!  What's not to love about that?  There is no doubt that she is Anton's dog.  Faithful and true to him - kind and loving - and excessively loyal, almost to a fault.

She might have NO IDEA that she's a dog, but truthfully, we just don't know married life without this little gal...since we got her just two short months into our new marital bliss.  Not sure we'd want to know life without her, to be honest. 

She definitely loves Daddy.  Can't really say we blame her...

Love you AB -xo

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Anonymous said...

So cute!

S.Wise said...

I loved this post! I am married to a guy like this and it is awesome!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this post Christie, the photos are priceless! Write a book "Everyone Loves Daddy, and Moma ain't so bad either"! The life and times of an adoptive family....... to be continued, take over Christie!

Love you

Julie said...

...and how blessed is Anton for having all of you who appreciate him.

Dawn and Dale said...

This is the BEST post ever!! Dale is the same way around here...although there are a lot more people in line when he walks in the door!! lol ;o) I just can't put it into as great of words as you!! Thanks for the post!!

Terri said...

LOVE the dog and the spooning! We too have a very spoiled Pup!!