September 7, 2009

The best season to sniff...

Autumn is the best season in which to sniff, and to sniff for pleasure, for this is the season of universal pungency. 
- Bertha Damon

I've said it a zillions times already - I know - but I think it's ok to repeat that which you love, and so I will...repeat it, that is:  I love Fall!

Just some fun stuff to get you going into your September (and your October, which is right around the corner to the tune of three weeks) - wherever you may roam...

Purge the three C's:  Closets, Counters, and Cabinets.  Time to donate to charity that which has not been used/seen/or even remembered within the last year.  Or have a yard-sale and get great tips on how to make the most of it here at  By the way, that big pile of paper on the counter?  Toss it.  Ahhh.  Doesn't it feel good?

Candles:  get em' out, ladies!  The thing is, it's so nice - right around 6:00 in the evening- to light up a couple of scented candles - and let the aroma fill the house.  I prefer scents like Apple, Brown Sugar, Warm Vanilla, and Cinnamon.  Mmmm mmmm good!

Clean your fireplace and get ready for the next four months.  Do you not love the smell of your neighborhood in the Fall - when you can sniff all those lovely fireplaces chugging away in the evenings?  Granted, wherever you live, it may not be time for a fire yet - but for many of us - it's right around the corner.  Here's a link to some great tips for keeping your fireplace clean and reducing hazards that can crop up.   Be safe!  Stockpile some great burning wood, or if you're a little bit "fire" lazy (like me) start looking for the easy burn logs at your grocery store.  You can never find them when it gets cold out.  If you don't have a fireplace...see "Candles" above.  Mmmm.

How To Keep Your Fireplace Clean.  

Get out the decor:  ...if you're a decor kinda gal, that is.  I am!  I love my collection of faux pumpkins, fall garland, and friendly scarecrows.  I've built my (ahem) "little" stash to three tubs full.  Oops.  But, I like to start slow - it is three months of Harvest, after all.  So, I begin by putting up a harvest colored wreath on the door to welcome guests, some garland around the fireplace, and some yummy scented candles.  Slowly, as the weeks fade into October - I add pumpkins, and then as we approach Halloween, we get all spooky.  November is a whole post unto itself full of soups, crafts, and more pumpkins...but that can wait.

Change up the routine:  We're already doing it - with going back to school, losing daylight, and getting cooler weather - might as well change things indoors as well.  Give your favorite throws and softest blankets a fresh wash, fold neatly, and place near the couch or your favorite comfy chairs.  Take out favorite family games and puzzles and put them in a basket by the fireplace - you're more prone to play if you see them sitting there!   Watch the perfect "old" movie with your family or honey after dinner - like "Singing in the Rain" or "Guys and Dolls".  (don't forget to light the candles!!)  Bliss! 

Prepare your Holiday Shopping List:  That's right, you heard me.  Might as well get a head start - a tougher economy calls for smarter shopping, coupon clipping, and sale finding.  Now's the time to make a list of must-haves and hard-to-find's.  You'll thank me.  You're welcome.

Halloween Costumes:  Get to it!  Don't wait until October 29th to start thinking about it (like I do).  You can find some great ones at the following sites:

and for more tips and tricks to create an awesome Halloween -  I highly recommend

Food:  Last but not least...I leave you with a nice (but short) Autumn Recipe:

Warm and Gooey Maple Butter (with a kick!)

Cream 1 stick of softened butter with 1/4 cup of maple syrup (we like the real stuff...)  Add in 1/2 tsp of Mexican hot pepper sauce (it's called Cholula in the grocery store).  Spread over your corn on the cob or cornbread - and I'm telling will FALL OVER from the mouth watering goodness. 



Jodi said...

See your baby girls face for the first time!! It'll be a great Fall season!

Kim said...

You go girl.
You are on top of things..
LOVE this post.. I sooo am not a huge decorater..just on Christmas.. guess cause I have not room to store
So I think I am going to chage a bit..
And go for decorating..
Love the great idea's..
Have a great week..

Sue said...

I put my new Fall wreath on my front door yesterday!

Love the popcorn in the candleholder...I'm stealing that idea today!

Nice post, thanks. : )

Briana's Mom said...

I absolutely love fall! My favorite time of the year. Thanks for the yard sale website - I'm thinking of having a yard sale soon. I don't have to worry about what to dress Bri at Halloween. She already said she wants to be a princess and I have that covered. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your fall posts! Fall has become my favorite season here in the Hudson River valley in NY~gorgeous foliage..
The fall scented candles are my favorite as well. I saw tons of pumpkins and mums for sale at the grocery store tonight & combined with this post -- definitely feeling ready to get my wreath up now! ha!

Donna said...

I'm right there with you...I LOVE fall! It's my absolute favorite time of year.

Try the 3-wick Pumpkin Patch candle from Bath & Body Works...I've been burning it for the past week and it's wonderful! Time to get out all the pumpkin and fall leaves decor. I just can't wait for our Arizona heat to go away so we can really enjoy the season.