September 21, 2009

Again with the head thing...

I don't know what it is - really, I don't.  I just know that he loves the bucket on his head.  Among other things.  Blankets, towels, clothes, cars...whatever he can put up there and then have it pulled off - or wait for it to tumble off.

I do know that it's amusing to watch.

Almost as much as his growing obsession with all things Backyardigan.  Including the band-aids we found under the sink the other day.  He insisted on wearing one - though I could find no "owie" with which to justify it.  Instead, we pretended he had a "boo boo" and stuck one on his arm where he could admire it for the next 30 seconds.  I found it on the floorboard of the car  later that day.  Again, no idea.

He loves toy cars.  His fascination with them is so very amusing.  He sits on the kitchen floor and says the following:

"doh" (translation: "ready")
"Doh" (translation "set" and a little bit louder than the first)
"DOOOH" (translation and the closest to sounding like the word he's imitating: "go" - quite loudly and with gusto!)

At which point he slides the hot wheels away from himself with zeal and watches them careen out of control across the tile floor.  He laughs and squeals with delight clapping his chubby little hands, only to round them up again and repeat the cadence.  doh.  Doh.  Doooooooohhhh.  Indeed!

You tell me what's more fun than that?

I can think of nothing...

Meanwhile, on the adoption front - we have received donations from several families - all of which we are beyond grateful and appreciative of.  Some have donated furniture, books, clothes - you name it.  Some have donated their time and efforts, keeping me organized and driven and full of ideas.  Some have given financially - and again, for all these things, we are profoundly touched.  We still have a great need to meet - and I know we will.  Spread the word for us, if you can!  I know it's hard - but sometimes just reaching the right audience is half the battle!

We had some discouraging news this weekend - in that what could have been a very productive and effective outlet we thought we would have to spread the word about our Rummage Sale and 100 for $100 Drive - well, it was squashed.  I cried.  But I do have to pick myself up and keep moving - for Keira's sake.  It was definitely a closed door - so Anton and I have committed to finding the door that is OPEN!

God is faithful!  Just today we got an opportunity to share our story in a way that could be HUGE.  More on that if it pans out - I don't want to kill it.  But I do want to ask for prayers about it.  Just know that it would be a tremendous platform for us to not only share Keira's story - but shed light on adoption in general.  Think how many kids we could give a hope and a future with the right outlet!  I could weep!

Rumors are somewhat quiet.  We know they are matching in China - but that's all we do know.  Not if we're included.  No info on a cut off date.  And I must remind all that we're perfectly ok with October, if that's what it will be.  No tears to shed here if we miss it this time.  We have enough friends due to get their referral that we'll be busy celebrating with.



S.Wise said...

I can't wait to meet you next week! We have so much to talk about!! :)

I'm sorry to hear about the closed door.... I hope you find the OPEN one very soon!!!!

Madeleine said...

Oh so sorry to hear about the closed door. I could say something trite, but really, the heartache is still there, so I will pray, instead.

And as far as the things on his head, my oldest son did that since he was coordinated enough to place something on his head. He is almost 24, and wears a baseball hat ALL THE TIME!!! He never got over it. lol

I have tons of pictures of him with everything and anything on his head.

Weird, but adorable. lol.

Kelly & Todd said...

Do you think putting everything/anything on your head is a "boy" thing? My nephew who just turned 3 has been doing it for at least the last year and a half. The best part is that you never know what he'll come up with next. Very entertaining :-)

I wish you all the best as you find the "open" door. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

-- kelly :-)

Terri said...

Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog. I hope that you are in this next batch of referrals!

Your son is adorable! I am guessing you will never have to worry as to whether or not he will remember to wear a helmet!

Valerie said...

I pray for you always...aren't you glad to know that G*d has an "OPEN DOOR" policy?

Love you.

Keep the faith.