March 11, 2009

Hit me, one more again...

No really, I insist. Take that little pinkie toe and ram it into ONE MORE THING. Break it good.

This toe of which I lament is my left foot, pinkie toe. Woe, oh woe, is my poor little pinkie toe.

The same toe I unceremoniously crammed into the wheel of a grocery cart, almost ripping the nail off? Yes.

The same toe I then insisted on ramming into yet another grocery cart wheel a week later? Yes.

The same toe that I plunged full force (while running) into a baseboard with, rendering said little toe useless when it comes to putting on shoes with any kind of laces because it hurts too much? Yes.

The same toe that has hurt for months and months because of all that I have just listed? Yes.

And so, kind reader - where does that leave us? Here. Where I, in my painful anguish and toe propped up on a pillow - recap this morning's event:

Walking to the couch. Heel, toe. Heel, toe. TOE! OoooooooooUCH! Shoved little pinkie with all my weight and tired incoherent stumbling into the wood frame of the couch.

Nail peeled off? Check.
Blood? Check.
Ridiculous amounts of pain for the rest of the day from my smallest appendage? Check.
Swelling and redness that when matched next to its sister toe is too shameful to photograph? Yes.

Is there a rule against abusing an appendage? If so, I fear this may be considered full fledged battery.

Seriously, I don't even want a blanket touching this toe. There should not be this much discomfort associated with breaking such a small bone. I'm just sayin'.

Meanwhile, in other news - and thank you so much to all of you who have commented that you're praying for my Dad - he seems to be hanging in there. He's had to have some additional blood replaced and he's still in the trauma ICU. My Mom seems to think that if he can just heal a little, he'll be out of the range of needing surgery to repair/remove the spleen. Keep praying - Friday is his birthday - what a sad way to spend it! We need him to heal so he can go home!!


And a most happy, happy piece of mail arrived today. Third times a charm! Anyone? You guessed it - the glorious approved and ever so clean and new 171-H. 18 more months to get this show on the road...literally. Like, all the way to China.

But seriously - it only took them 3 weeks to get the paperwork and get us the new approval Way to GO! (never thought I'd be saying that...)

And now, we wait. For her picture...and a miracle of financial proportions!


Kristy said...

Christie I am so sorry about your toe, and I certainly know how that hurts!!!!

Also I am praying and thinking about your Dad and all of you. Remember if you need anything I am just a few hours away!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

The Gang's Momma! said...

UGH! I totally can feel your pain. I once broke my pinky toe rescuing a friend's child from a fall into a pool. I was 8 months pregnant and ENORMOUS - it took forever to heal from all my extra weight. Never know how much you need those little suckers til you can't use 'em!