March 17, 2009

Spring, Summer and Dad's Fall

Well, it's Spring Break over here. And my last day at work was essentially last Friday. So Spring Break for my teacher spouse, plus my new SAHM routine means FAMILY TIME! Yay!

Today was absolutely gorgeous and 79 degrees! Perfect weather for being outside, running errands, etc. After lunching outside at Chip@otle, we made a stop to switch to U-verse by At&*T - love it! Love the idea, the price, combining everything, into one bill (cell, Internet, cable, phone, etc.) love the $200 cash-back incentive (not credit - CASH).

Anyway - made our way home and got to work on our yard and our backyard patio. Time to clean it off and make way for a couple lawn-chairs and some backyard toys. Time to get ready for spring and then summer! Time to clean up the BBQ and wash the windows and screens. Time to get rid of all the leaves, pull the weeds, beautify the front lawn a little and clean out the front planter to make room for Spring flowers. Yahoo!

Two of the ugliest, most obnoxious plants (planted by yours truly a few years back). I have regretted it almost since the time I did it. Today - they were outta there! Thanks to AB and his manly man wicked skills at pulling and pitching!

Yesterday we made our way south to see AB's parents at their beautiful home and property. They're moving in two weeks to AR. and we're sad to say goodbye to both them, and their lovely home. We know the new house will be even better - but there's just something about stepping out of the car and smelling all the trees at their house.

So, we spent the day with them - playing in the enormous "yard" and watching Quint explore. We enjoyed a lovely dinner outside on the patio and watched the sun set. It was glorious!

In other news: we continue to hear rumors about a speed up for referrals from Chin@, but who can say for certain? It's always been, and I suspect will always be, completely and utterly random. Sad but true. We're still praying for a financial miracle...nuff said there.

The more I hear about friends and family members feeling the tremendous strain of this changing economy - the more my heart sinks. I have a fear rumbling in my core...I think the worst is yet to come and it makes me so concerned about our nations future. The pinch is getting tighter and tighter. Are you feeling it yet?

I would truly covet your prayers for my Dad. His spirits are very low, and as I talked with him today, I could hear in his voice just how much pain he is in. He is still bleeding internally, still struggling with tremendous pain, his heart is now arrhythmic, and he's flat out miserable. He is still in Trauma ICU and at this point, has no end date. If the bleeding doesn't cease, he will have to submit to surgery - which is what his doctors have been trying to avoid from day one. Please pray for healing and uplifted spirits...

Meanwhile, here's where I'm taking my joy from: Wonderful son. Amazing Hubby. Spring is arriving and winter is leaving. Summer is on the way...swimming and corn on the cob, and watermelon, and long days...flip flops (or flit flots in our house as a joke). God is still on the throne and in control - through all the good and all the bad...



Christy said...

What an amazing day. We too have had a few days of great sunny weather and I am just in happy mode. The change of seasons always makes me so happy (even in southern california where there is hardly any differentiation between seasons). Anyway, love your post and not sure where I missed this news but are you now a SAHM? When did this happen? I dont remember reading this but WAY COOL!!!! That is just awesome-- with Kiera comming your gonna need to be home more-- wow!!

Hope yo uhave more nice days like today!!

Chrsity :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have Spring bread from school early. The school's here have it in April either before or after Easter. (Christian schools always the week after.)
We are having 70 degree weather...might even go swimming (in heated pool) today!
Praying for Dad everyday!
My job is slowing down. I'm trying to work as little as possible. As the bookkeeper, I must look after my client, but it does hurt me.