December 1, 2008

Uh sorry...where was I?

Oh yes! Sick...that's right. And guess what I'm going to be for you today? You got it....

A broken record. (ah ha ha...laughter from the cheap seats) We're all still sick. No, seriously. I've got several issues nagging my body, that I won't bore you with. Quint is still hacking, coughing, and well...rather drippy from the nose. He's also managed to sprout 4 teeth bringing our total count to eight. This combo is not one I recommend and it has made for quite a cranky little man. Add to that Mom and Dad being sick too - and bam! Happy Holidays, Grinch! Hmph.

Sorry it can't be a little more rosey - I have so many pictures of the last couple of weeks and I know I've been radio silent, so to speak. I actually have a lot to say, so I'll paraphrase (i.e. go into a long diatribe for each thought in my little head) what I've had on my mind lately.

First, my son needs to stop growing up. Wait... No...I want him to grow up. No...I don't. See, even when I'm typing theoretical blather, I still can't make up my mind. The bottom line is that he changes weekly. Daily. He is changing so rapidly this past six months since he's been home that it's making our parental heads spin. It's a blow to the heart in some ways, because you can see how this rapid growing up can really get away from you and the next thing you know you have a married son with his own kids. I'm just day teething, the next day paying a mortgage and coaching his wife through Lamaze. This is how fast it is going. I know why people say "I miss having a baby" now. Because they're lunatics who have forgotten all the work that goes into infants, but nevertheless, they're right. Tick tock, my friends...tick tock.

Another thought on my mind is that the older I get (can you see where I'm going with this?) the more I realize (ya with me?) that all those "older and wiser" people who give you life advice (now you're on to me...) are pretty much right. No, they are right. And the older I get, I realize that I could have saved tons and tons of time and personal pain had I listened to even a fraction of what they had said. Now that I'm a mother, even the smallest pieces of advice seem to come flooding back to me and ring true. The circle of life advice is that we never listen, and then we try to pass it along to those who never listen and so on. We all have to make our own way and find out for ourselves, I guess. Sucks.

Still reading all your blogs, but still officially the world's worst commenter. Nuff said. Gulp. I have no excuses. Truly.

Remember all those many moons (cough...a couple months) ago when I said that I was freaking out because I had to let go of so much stuff when Quint came home? All blah blah whining about how my life was upside down and I couldn't see straight or find time to comb my hair, shower, eat, etc? Right, that's all still true. Point is, someone said "it'll get easier" and they were right. (See a couple paragraphs up about advice from those who have walked it) It has gotten easier, and I could devote a whole post to the "easier" portion, and maybe I will at some point - but for now let's just say that each month brings new challenges and new sighs of relief. He learns how to push new buttons but he tires of old buttons. (thank you thank you thank you God!) He has become more independent in certain things, while more needy in others. He's starting to walk more and more, he eats more and more of what we eat, and he's gained enough understanding of certain things that he knows basic right from wrong. Does he ever. If I have to say "no touch" one more time...gah! Suffice to say, it's getting easier to breath, and even though the house still looks a little tornado-ish, we survive. Somethin's gotta give, my friends. The house is it.

Some of you will recall that I went to part-time work (from home) back in October and that's been a big help to my relationship with Quint. Things were tough there for a bit, but we're more engaged now with each other during the waking hours. He's got his Mommy and he's pretty happy about that. Undivided attention, turns out, is HIGH on the priority list of a one year old. Go figure! (snort)

We spent Thanksgiving out of town visiting relatives - it went relatively well, and I think Quint really loved getting to spend time with his cousins. He was soooo worn out when we got home and I think we all breathed a sigh of "it's good to be home" relief when we got back - for the simple fact that traveling with a baby is not the easiest thing to do. And it's not fun when said baby is sick the entire time. Bummer! (and you're driving...for long a small car...did I mention he was sick?...and teething?...)

Finally, and I think most importantly, it has not escaped my mind that soon, very soon, we will find our China LID at the top of the list for referral. We received a notice from our agency asking that we renew our 171-H yet again - third times a charm? Yes, this will be our third time to go through this paperwork, and somehow - it doesn't seem to matter that you know what to expect - it's still really difficult. Meanwhile, I keep thinking these heavy thoughts like "how will this change the dynamics of our little family of three" (shhh, don't be a hater...I'm just being honest) "what will having a girl be like", (weird considering that's all I thought we would have when we started this) "how will I cope with having two little ones at home all day" (big shout out to my girl "V" who's keeping it real over there at Tadpoles and Tutus with virtual twins!) and "how are we going to come up with all this money in time for referral". Now please...I beg you - understand that the cost we paid for the adoption process in Ethiopia was provided on queue by God's divine grace, and my husband is the biggest advocate for the "don't panic, God will provide" route. I'm the nervous nellie who frets and wonders how, how, how... So, if you pray, could you pray that God will provide this next portion of adoption fees and travel costs needed to go get our girl? We are standing on faith that the money will be there just as it always has been...right on time.

I think that catches you up - I'm sitting here when I should be in bed (lame!) and I'm feeling so lousy at the moment, I've actually caught myself looking longingly towards my bedroom and the flannel sheets and my warm down comforter. So I can hear you saying "go! what are you doing posting? we'll be here when you get back! go to bed!"

I'm going...I'm it's nice to have friends who tell you to get back in bed...thanks for that.

Back soon...k?


Anonymous said...

It's nice to have you back. Please take care.
We love you!

Dawn and Dale said...

I really did figure those teethers were coming!!! :)

Sorry to hear everyone is having a hard time fighting this bought of sickness!!

Hope it's all over and done with ASAP!!

Dawn and Dale said...

I really did figure those teethers were coming!!! :)

Sorry to hear everyone is having a hard time fighting this bought of sickness!!

Hope it's all over and done with ASAP!!

Christy said...

Sorry you guys are sick-- we went through that a few weeks ago and it was hard but luckily mia was the only on e in our family who did not get sick-- go figure..

I totally undersatnd the keeping it real thing. It would be hard with the economy as it is and with the lack of equity in most of our homes, to have to come up with money for the final part of the adoption. I totally understand your concern and I am like you-- I worry about everything but you know the big guy upstairs has it under control-- you know He will provide!!

You guys are awesome parents and adding Kiera to your clan will complete the plan God has for your lives. It will be perfect. Kiera may be fussy and a pain and may not be what you expect but reality is-- God chose her (when you get her referral) for your family for a reason and He has it all worked out. I look back on my kids and if I would have had Owen first-- we may never have had a second let alone a third kid. God planned the easy one first so that I would actually birth again-- Owen was quite the challenge!!

Anyway, I love how you keep it real and I totally appreciate your posts.

Hugs and I hope you feel better!!

Christy :)

Unknown said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon!

Kim said...

Glad you are back girly..
I totally understand with the adoption money..but it will work out.. always does.. I worry also.. and can't wait to see Keira Joy in your arms and playing with her brother..
And as for them growing up.. you say that.. but you want to keep them as small as you can...
Believe me ... I have to come over here to get some baby fix..
Glad you are feeling a little better..
Love ya girly..

Briana's Mom said...

I completely understand about kids growing up too fast. Briana doesn't look like a baby anymore, she looks like a little girl. Bittersweet.

Try to feel better!!!

frogglet said...

Glad to see you are all still around. Sorry to hear about the sickness and teething crud, Yuck. Just think if he continues to get teeth at this rate before long he'll be done teething, Maybe?
Hope you get some rest.
Take Care

The Gang's Momma! said...

Good catch up post. Sorry about the buggies goin' around. And I'm so happy to hear that things are getting easier. We're with you on the changes - some good, some not, all of it changing all the time with these little ones. Nature of the game and when I stop bucking it and let it ride, I find myself so less stressed. My gram used to say that the housework will always be there - little chubby arms and sloppy kisses won't, so choose wisely! I am still workin' on that one :) (5 kids later . . .)

And I'll pray for your financing, if you pray for our grants to come thru! Debt reduction would be an excellent Christmas gift this year!

Eloise said...

So sorry to hear your family has been so sick! Here's hoping everyone is feeling better SOON.

Thinking of you.

Erin Sager said...

Just found your sweet blog, what a beautiful family......