June 21, 2008


AB and I were talking early this morning, while Quint happily chugged away at his bottle. He was tucked between us on our bed and casually glanced from one of us to the other while we chatted and he ate.

AB said "I feel...just, you know - like, well...that we really don't deserve him. What did we do to deserve him? He's so...wonderful..." I sighed and nodded my head. I feel the same way - and just hadn't been able to articulate it verbally. We stared at him and he back up at us. Indeed, what have we done to deserve this amazing little boy?

Later, we were talking over dinner and Anton said "it's really scary though, isn't it?" Taken out of context, I had no idea what he was referring to. I looked up and saw him gazing at our boy - who once again was gnawing on a bottle and happily coo-ing in between gulps. "What, babe? What's scary?" I said.

"How much we love him already", he said.

Couldn't even attempt to put it better. Be ready friends.


Kim said...

Now I am crying...I can't even imagine how you feel.. and I am ready for the day that I will feel just like that..
HUGS my friend..

Briana's Mom said...

Perfectly said!

Emy said...

AWWWWW, love this picture so much! You all three deserve each other.

That really was a compliment. :)

Our Journey to Jadyn Nicole said...

Christie and Ab - It's amazing how much you can love a little one. You have truly been blessed! Quint is adorable!!

Vicki Smith

Valerie said...

It was so great to spend time with you all. He is such a wonderful little man....and you deserve him as much as he deserves having you as his wonderful parents.

Love V

Stephanie said...

That picture of you and Quint is so cute...

I guess what I want to say about this post is that after waiting so many years to start your family, I can only imagine that the sweetness of these days with Quint are only becoming sweeter!!!


Jennifer said...

It is so scary, that resposibility, the vulnerability of loving that human being so much. It leaves you wide open.

Also, I know that we were scared we would, with our lack of experience, kill our baby. Just like, drop her or something.

You get over that, but i'm almost 5years in and I still wake up in the middle of the night, terrified that something will happen to one of the girls.

It's wonderful, it's amazing, and it's humbling.

You and Anton absolutely deserve this child every bit of happiness that comes along with being his parents.