June 23, 2008

Whahoo! Thanks Stephanie!!

This post is for my girl, Stephanie over at "The Eternal Knot". She and I are definitely kindred spirits and have bonded on the back side of blogging, through e-mails and comments back and forth over the last several months. She is an amazing woman and I am blessed to know her and have her friendship.

Did I mention that we have practically the same LID for our daughters?? Oh yes, very fortuitous, if I do say so myself! Only two days apart...

Well, today I received a very special PBK gift from Steph and we were so thrilled when we opened it and saw the embroidered goodness on the front! It's a beautiful bathtime set - a luxurious matching towel, hand towel, and washcloth for baby. Like I told you, girl "you shouldn't have, but we're so glad you did!" Scrumdidilyuptious.
Thank you so much, S - this was a wonderful gift and Quint is gonna get some serious use out of this bath set - wish you could feel how soft and wonderful this is, in person. You're a gem!

And if you haven't seen her amazing China artwork for your kiddos, you've gotta check it out HERE...you will be amazed at how beautiful it is and you can buy it to! Need something for those nursery walls? Problem solved - go see Stephanie!

After bath time we "brush" Quint's gums...gotta keep that mouth healthy and get him used to brushing early! He loves it and smiles while we brush. What a little doll!

P.S. - I actually talked to my mother tonight, who spared no time in asking me where the next installment of our adoption journey is. So don't feel bad if I've let you down by delaying that post - my own mother is chastising me for not being a little quicker and leaving everyone hanging. It's coming, I SWEAR. It's time and energy and we had a special project this morning that was AMAZING and that I cannot show you just yet - but I'm telling you - we are anxious to share. So lots of projects and little things like....I don't know...carry for a certain little man, have got us busy as ever. No worries - I always make time for blogging. Just might take me another day or so, but it will come. Thanks for your patience!



Anonymous said...

I just want to say, first off, thank you Stephanie for that beautiful gift to Quint. I know first hand that Christie loves it.
Christie, love the pictures of Quint getting his little gums brushed. You "are" starting this little guy out right! He will love you for it later. He is a precious jewel, and we are all so lucky to have him in our lives.
Love you sugar!

Kim said...

LOVE the towel.... It is darling.. I think it is a little bit cuter with Quint wrapped in it..
Have a Great Week..
Can't wait for the rest of your journey either..But I will wait...

Eloise said...

Yea, Christie's mom, for speaking up for all of her blog addicts!

frogglet said...

What a great gift. Quint is too cute wrapped up in the towel. The poeple that you meet through blogging make awesome friends.
Patiently waiting for the next installment of your journey.

Stephanie said...

Awwww. He looks so cute wrapped up in that towel!!! I love the pictures!!!! Love them! You guys are all so incredibly sweet together! ... you look like a pro brushing those gums! :)

... can't wait for the next installment, but I can be patient!!

Kayce said...

Too cute! Stephanie is a gem!!!

LISA said...

Oh my gosh! I just found your blog from Misty's.I've read a little of your back posts(till my eyes went numb!)LOL!!
We are waiting for our referral of young siblings,since December 2007! So, at this point i'm going crazy waiting!!I'll have to read more of your backposts,so that i can realize i get a cutie,like your little guy!!

redmaryjanes said...

Stephanie is very talented. Each year we have ordered a special ornament from her for our daughter Sophia as we wait to bring her home from China.
Little Quint is just darling. He is always wearing the biggest smile!

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

You're too funny. In all honesty, I think you might be stalking (semi;) for a while. At least I hope so. Sound weird? I cannot imagine getting a referral in the next few months and then having to wait until October to go get our little one. It's probably completely selfish, but I would rather not get a referral until after the courts close. Mind games for me...maybe! But I'll have to write interesting stuff, knowing that you'll be checking in;-)